Benefits of Adding Picture Windows With Your Home Improvement

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Any window in your home provides an opportunity to get a glimpse of the outside world but it’s the picture window that offers you a way to bring the best view into your home. A well-designed picture window can offer an unobstructed view of your surroundings – no matter the weather – from the comfort of your home. Majestic view aside there’s also the benefit of boosting the value of your home with new a new picture window – and added market value in this economy is always a plus.

Choosing the Right Picture Window

Most think of the traditional window when this topic comes up in home improvement discussions surrounding window replacement and the addition of more natural light. While a large piece of plate glass is functional, it’s becoming less popular among home owners because of the bland design and the poor insulation. They’re also more fragile than reinforced panes.

Segregated panes that make up a larger picture window are making a comeback as homeowners try to embrace classic architectural designs in newer homes. While offering enhanced aesthetical appeal these windows are also far more sturdy and – should a pane crack, chop or break – easy to replace.

Window manufacturers are also working to enhance the energy efficiency of large picture windows by creating double pane grid designs. This provides the same utility benefit as a common double or triple pane window but on a larger scale. Each individual section has its own packet of air or gas to help reduce heat gain and loss.

Window Replacement

For those that have an existing picture window, it’s best to order a newer design or style to ditch the old plate glass or sectional window that features smaller – though still large – pieces of glass. The energy savings alone will cover the cost of the upgrade over the years. If you live in a cold climate the install will likely payment for itself much faster.

Getting Creative with Window Design

Don’t just base your purchase of a window upgrade on price alone, shooting for the low-budget models to save money. There’s a lot of creative play when it comes to enhancing your windows. If it’s in your budget, consider having custom windows designed to better match the architecture of your home. Likewise you can splurge a little and have the windows built out to create a bay window. While not technically a picture window the bay window can add some functional space to your home while improving the view outside the home.

While it’s not recommended for the DIY lover due to the scale of the job and the size of the windows, you can have a replacement picture window or bay window put in quickly with the right general contractor. Contact a local contractor or specialist window installer to get an estimate on upgrading your home with a new model window.

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Custom Built Home, Dos Cruces Rd.Bedroom

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How to Repair a Crystal Vase

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In the past, damaged or destroyed crystal or glass products had to be thrown away, regardless of its sentimental value. Today, it is possible to repair a cracked crystal vase or glass award without nearly as many hassles.

Expensive glass products, like an engraved crystal vase or glass paperweights, can be very fragile. A single crack or break is enough to destroy the vase entirely. In the past, crystal was considered irreparable if broken, but with today’s advanced machinery and technology that is longer the case. It is now possible to repair that valuable glass award or crystal vase that might have a lot of sentimental value to you.

There are professional organizations that specialize in crystal and glass repair, and they may be the best option to repair an engraved crystal award or glass item. However, there is little harm in giving this task a try at home. One can always contact professionals to take over the task of repairing the piece starts to prove too difficult.

Caution! Avoid glue or super glue as a binding agent to repair a crystal vase or similar item, as these materials do not work. Even if the glue successfully binds the vase back together, the piece will appear shabby and all the cracks will be evident in a goopy, ugly manner. Never again will the vase have that flawless finish if glue is used to repair it.

Use epoxy instead to refit the glass or crystal vase. The first step will be to accumulate all the broken pieces together. Store them carefully. It is advisable to repair the engraved crystal vase as early as possible. Allow time beforehand to accumulate all the materials required before beginning the repair.

Handle the broken pieces with extreme care, obviously you want to be sure not cut yourself. Do not tinker with them just for fun. Use sandpaper to smooth the edges so that the various broken pieces fit together perfectly – just like putting together a puzzle. Do not use a lot of force as this may break the shards further into smaller pieces.

Do yourself a favor and buy the best quality epoxy available on the market for crystal vase repair. If there are no products available specifically for glass or crystal vases, any reputable epoxy product related to glass repair should suffice. Go through the instructions carefully and prepare the solution accordingly. The epoxy should always be applied to a clean surface. Use a soft cloth to get rid of dust and small particles of glass on the crystal or glass pieces.

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