Patti Nicole Wheeler – “Lowes Home Improvement: The Makeover”

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Patti Nicole Wheeler co-starring in a “Lowes Home Improvement” commercial series.


A Tale Of Home Improvement

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A Tale Of Home Improvement

Once upon time, in a quiet village, stood a small bungalow, which suffered from neglect because its owners didn’t have any money to maintain it properly. A sign "for sale" had been standing in the front garden for a very long time, but nobody was interested since the bungalow was of very modern design, which was a sharp contrast to the rest of the historic village. Day after day the wood rotted away and nature slowly took over the garden, until only a complete make-over could help the bungalow to survive…

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Choosing the RTA Kitchen Cabinets and Saving Money

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A kitchen in the house is a place which needs to be clean and hygienic for cooking purposes. A good kitchen requires full cleanliness as a proper cooking environment and placing for utensils is required. Many say that kitchen cabinets are the items that bring life to a kitchen. A kitchen surely needs to be impressive to work in with complete delight. The kitchen cabinets are an essential part of the kitchen where you keep stuff and they need to be clean and tidy as they are the part that shows off mostly in the kitchen.

If your kitchen cabinets look a little rusty from the outside but you are satisfied with their quality then all you need to do is to change things up a bit. There is no need to get new cabinets. A little cleaning and remodeling will do the work. You can do it all by yourself. This can be the perfect job when it comes to renovate the old cabinets with little budget.

When it comes to renovating the kitchen cabinets, the first thing to do is to figure out what type of design you require for your cabinets as per the kitchen environment. When you will come to know about the type of designs you want for your kitchen cabinet then you will be able to decide what things you might need to perform the required task.

The kitchens that require more storage area need the remedy of assembling all the kitchen cabinets so that less space could be occupied by maintaining the aesthetics of the kitchen. You can always choose the ready to assemble kitchen cabinets as a part of your remodeling plan. Several home improvement stores have got these cabinets. You can easily utilize the idea into something useful. The cabinets that you already have can be blended with these cabinets and it wouldn’t have any bad effect on the kitchen or the storage.

Purchasing the ready to assemble kitchen cabinets will always be a good option. These cabinets are very easy to fix as they do not require much time like any other cabinets which require days to fix. For the installation purpose of these cabinets, one can either do it himself or one can also take the help or hire some professional to do the job in the right way such as a carpenter or handyman to get the installation done. These cabinets will definitely benefit any person who chooses them as they are easy to fix and are far better than the customized cabinets.

When you will visit the market place for finding the assemble cabinets you will find many offers by the sellers of discounts. Getting the discount kitchen cabinets will be a nice idea of saving money. But the very first thing to come into your mind should not be money but the quality of the cabinets as they are to be fixed in your kitchen for high efficiency work. If you will go for the cheaper … Read More

Kitchen Renovation 2.0 – Removing a Concrete Block Wall

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Good progress so far. We have removed the concrete block wall to open up the hallway which as you will see was a very dusty job! Next we will be fitting the pad …

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5 Mistakes You Can Make When Getting a Designer Kitchen

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Getting a new kitchen design in your home sure is a smart investment. Not only are designer kitchens quite practical and good looking, but they are also known to greatly increase the value of your home, should you decide to sell it in the future.

However, when designing a new kitchen, you should be aware that not everything goes according to plan. It is often the case where the project meets problems along the way and experiences delays. The odds of the project getting completed without any issues are very small. However, that does not mean you should neglect the most common mistakes that people make. Do everything in your power to avoid them.

You fail to specify the details of the work – by specifying your exact needs and preferences you can guarantee that the kitchen will be completed to the standard you wish. You should know that is the only way to maximize the kitchen value and usefulness and make the most of the room as a whole.

You want to act as your own general contractor – you may think that you can deal with all of the tasks associated with getting a designer kitchen. But the truth of the matter is that the job is quite complicated and time-consuming. It really pays to get a trained professional on the case, as they will be familiar with the steps that must be followed. Of course, you need to get the right contractor on the job, not just anyone. Hire a person you can trust and one with enough experience in the field, because that is what guarantees the success of the project.

You change things halfway – while it is true that there are numerous options out there all available for you, it does not mean you should just change your mind on important features during the process of renovation. This can greatly delay the completion of the kitchen redesign project. Instead, you should make a wish list and stick to it. Invest the time in creating this list, instead of trying to make adjustments later on. If you do not stick to your initial plan, you can experience great delays and probably not getting the same final result.

Too much customization – while it is true that custom-made features are great, the reality is that they cost a lot and make the project too complicated. Sometimes it is better to go after less-customized options, because they are easier to implement. Beside, if you are planning on moving soon, it will save you money and you need that considering how many expenses you have.

You change your mind often enough – stick to your chosen theme and design. This will ensure that the project is not unnecessarily prolonged and also spare you the need to redo any steps.

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