DIY – Repair Cracks in the Ceiling by Removing Old Drywall Tape (Part 1) – Drywall Repair

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Bathroom remodel

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Bathroom remodel

Bathroom remodel (After)

Posted by Barry.Reider on 2009-02-22 04:06:25

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Bamboo Bathroom Cabinets: The New Alternative to Wood

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The trees that are harvested to create real wood products often take decades to reach the maturity level necessary for them to be harvested. Because of this, wood is slowly becoming a depleted resource. This grass, on the other, hand is plentiful now and can reach full maturity in as little as four years, making it a more sustainable natural resource. Environmentally friendly people are encouraged to double check with the manufacturer that they are purchasing their products from to make sure that the grass was harvested in an earth friendly way.

No Damage from Moisture

Wood often absorbs moisture and water, causing it to swell and lose its original shape. This wood alternative doesn’t absorb moisture the same way that wood does, making bamboo an exceptional choice for bathroom remodeling projects, particularly if the members of the family enjoy extremely hot showers. Homeowners will not be concerned with their bamboo bathroom cabinets becoming warped as time goes on. Instead, they can enjoy a room that will have the same visual appear years later as it did the day their products were first assembled.


Most people seem to be under the impression that it will not be as durable as wood because it is technically a grass, but it is the exact opposite. This material has proven to be more durable than wood in most cases. It can withstand a little bit of abuse, hold more weight than the sturdiest wood shelves in some cases, and, so far, it lasts longer. This alternative to wood has the potential to outlast much of the furniture in your home today while retaining its beauty.


Because this resource is still plentiful in the world, the recent surge in demand for this natural resource has not resulted in an increase in prices. Instead, the price range for this material is still affordable for families with a variety of incomes. After bamboo bathroom cabinets are installed, they stay affordable for homeowners. No special chemicals or maintenance is required to keep your home looking beautiful aside from oiling the material and occasionally cleaning them with warm soap and water.

Different Colors and Styles

Bamboo can be manipulated into a variety of styles and can be stained in a fashion like wood, making this new building material as versatile as wood when it comes to redecorating. Homeowners should stain this material with caution, however. It does not work the same way with wood, so some practice on a small, inconspicuous piece of your shelves is a good idea.

Remodeling projects can go one of two ways: they can result in your home becoming less than appealing or you can wind up with a home that requires less maintenance and has more visual appeal. Bathroom cabinets made of this material help you do the latter, providing you with a unique design that will impress your guests that requires little to no maintenance on your part. Take the time to research this earth friendly option to … Read More

Kitchen Remodeling Planning

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Kitchen remodeling is generally one of the largest expenditures in any home remodeling project. As such, there is a significant amount of planning involved, whether you decide to do it on your own or seek the services of a professional. In this guide, we will detail out the process in three steps: 1) determine the scope of kitchen remodeling project, 2) seek out remodeling contractor bids and financing options, and 3) getting your kitchen ready for the remodeling. 

The first step of determining the scope of the project will assist you in figuring out an estimated budget, as well as a time frame. You will need to decide whether you will be expanding the kitchen, changing the floor plan, what appliances you want, flooring, countertops, cabinets, etc. If you are expanding the kitchen and adding custom cabinets, expect your costs and timeline to both increase significantly. Custom cabinets generally have turnaround times greater than 6 weeks. What kind of countertops (granite, marble, tile, etc.) do you want? Do you want to add some new hardwood, engineered, bamboo, or laminate flooring? Do you want your dream kitchen to have an island, a backsplash, stainless steel sinks, larger exhaust fans, new doors? The best way to get a better feel for what options are available is to go into home improvement stores and do some online research. If you are willing to spend a little bit more you can hire the services of a professional kitchen designer. Figuring out exactly all the specifications you want for your kitchen remodeling project is essential and needs to be written down. Where will you be sourcing all these kitchen components? You can buy from retail locations or shop online. More often than not, online retailer prices are lower than their brick and mortar counterparts, even with cost of shipping factored in.

With a detailed project scope you are now ready to being requesting remodeling quotes. If you are planning to do the kitchen renovation yourself, you should make sure that you know all the laws and regulations that must be adhered to. We recommend that for larger projects that you either consult with a professional contractor or just hire one outright. Requesting remodeling quotes can be done through references, the yellow pages, or online. There are several online home improvement companies that have large pre-screened databases of professional remodeling contractors. To request a kitchen remodeling quote, you simply fill out a request form that essentially asks for the scope of your project. The company will review your kitchen remodeling project and send out this information to the appropriate contractors within your area. These contractors will then call you and set up a time to bid on your project. When you meet these kitchen contractors, make sure that you ask them for references, experience, insurance, and estimated timeline.

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The Bathroom Renovation • Time-lapse

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This is my DIY bathroom renovation video. I’m not a contractor and this is not meant as a “how to” video, nor should anyone follow my example without doing …

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