Cini Boeri

General Article

If you are looking for Italy’s true furniture designer, look no further. Cini Boeri is one of Italy’s furniture designer of all times. Cini Boeri is an Italian national born in Milan in 1924. Cini Boeri is among the top five Italian heroes in the furniture design field.

Through her devotion to home and office furniture, Cini Boeri has been able to penetrate the designer’s world and be featured and exhibited in many architecture publications. Cini Boeri publications include magazines, books and articles like Le dimensioni umane dell’abitazione, La dimensione del domestico, Progettista a committence among many others.

Her projects have been reflected in apartments, houses, shops, office buildings, museums and houses. Cini Boeri has also been able to design furniture for specific companies and individuals, top among them being Arflex, Stilnovo, Artemide, Fustial, Tre-Piu, Knoll, Misawa Homes, Magis, Fiam and Venini.

Cini Boeri is a woman who has specialized in the psychological relationship between man and his surroundings. She has made numerous contributions in the field of industrial design; this is exhibited in her work where she has aimed at looking for all the things that are able to improve and simplify the way man lives.

Cini Boeri has been able to achieve awards that most designers in the architecture field only dream of. The ICC lifetime Achievement Award is one such award where Cini Boeri was honoured for her excellent contribution to the world.

Her contribution to the world has not gone unnoticed; she has received so many awards throughout her lifetime career. In 1970 and 1979, she received the prestigious Compasso d’Oro award, in 1978and 1984 the Design Award Resources Council Inc., in 1978 and 1984 the Roscoe Prize, and in 1987 the Selection Forum Design among many others.

Apart from being a furniture designer, Cini Boeri is also a lecturer. She has been able to participate in lecturing activities through out Italy and abroad. Institutions like the University of California, the Cranbrook School in Detroit, the Southern California Institute of Architecture, the Pacific design center in Los Angeles, University of Berkeley, Nucleo del Deseno Industrial of Sao Paulo and the college of Architects in Rio de Janeiro are among the many institutions that Cini Boeri has managed to lecture to. She has also been able to lecture at SCI-Arc.

Cini Boeri has managed to work as a visiting professor at the Faculty of Architecture in her former school, Politecnico of Milan between 1981 and 1983 where she lectured for courses on Architectural Planning and Industrial Design Interior Design.

Throughout her entire career, Cini Boeri has worked with several furniture designers and different furniture designing and architectural companies. After graduating from Milan Politecnico, she worked with Gio Ponti, one of the most important Italian architects and industrial designers. Cini Boeri has also collaborated with Marco Zanuso for a very long period of time. Cini Boeri is among the five female protagonists in the Italian design field. Her work will definitely live through many generations to come.