Glass Block Crafts – How to Make Gifts and Keepsakes They are going to Love!

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A single of the latest tendencies in do-it-you gifts is glass block crafts.

Positive aspects contain that glass blocks are conveniently accessible at your nearby home improvement and craft outlets, they are reasonably priced, and any person can do it!

What Can You Make With Glass Blocks?

Of class, the only limitation is your creativeness!

Some preferred glass block crafts concepts contain building lighted holiday getaway decorations, centerpieces and nightlights, equally contemporary and silk flower arrangements, coin financial institutions, lamps, knife holders, decoratively etched display screen pieces, picture “frames” and extra.

Glass block crafts are fantastic simply because the blocks them selves are significant and fairly secure, so they are challenging to knock in excess of. They can be filled with sand or marbles, coins or even drinking water with contemporary flowers. They are perfectly-sealed, so they really don’t leak.

The place Do You Get the Blocks for Crafts?

Any home improvement store will carry glass blocks, and they are ordinarily less expensive there than at the craft outlets. Block costs range from about $3 to as significantly as $10, dependent on dimension and design of the glass.

Glass blocks can be clear, or they can come in a large variety of frosted or ornamental glass types. A single design is exactly where the glass has minor circles on it, or stripes, or one of a kind various styles.

Blocks can be as smaller as 4 inches by eight inches, or as significant as 12 inches by 12 inches. You can find glass blocks that are 3 or 4 inches thick, dependent on your preference.

A single drawback to home improvement store blocks is that if you are intending to fill the blocks in any way, you will have to have to drill a hole in the block you with a glass drill little bit. This is some thing that any person can do, but it does demand a minor care. Use a 5/eight inch glass little bit, and drill slowly and gradually so as not to crack the block. Make sure to don eye safety.

You can also pick to obtain your blocks at a craft store like Michael’s or Hobby Foyer. They will be extra expensive at a craft store, but in most instances the blocks will come pre-drilled with either a one particular inch hole, or a 4 or 5 inch pre-reduce rectangular slot on top.

Blocks from the craft store will range in price tag from about $eight to as significantly as $15.

Some Glass Block Crafts Ideas

Table Centerpiece. A single plan for a party or shower centerpiece is to fill a glass block with holiday getaway lights, either clear, white or coloured. Check out to pick a white cord for your lights since they are a lot less probable to be apparent.

Things a 20-mild chain into your glass block. Leave the cord outside the block so it can be plugged in. You could pick to apply a vinyl concept like “Pleasurable!”, “Celebration,” “Love!”, “New Infant!”, and so on., on the outside of the block. Window clings work perfectly also.

Wrap the block with a vibrant ribbon and tie the top or side with a significant bow. You can use this as a table centerpiece or mantel decoration. It seems to be extremely festive when the lights are on, and even extra so when there are quite a few blocks of various measurements!

Snowman. Choose 2 or 3 blocks of raising dimension, one particular for every ball of the snowman.

If you pick to paint your blocks, do so right before you get started to assemble your snowman. You can request at your nearby craft store for the correct variety of paint for glass. Let the blocks to dry for 24 hours right before assembling.

Fill the blocks with clear lights, about 20 lights for each block. You could pick to use a extended (50 lights or extra) one string in buy to make your task simpler. You could have to have to drill additional holes in the bottom of the blocks to make it possible for the strings to go from top to bottom of your snowman.

Adhere your blocks alongside one another with glue at the top and bottom elevated edges of the blocks. You can use silicone adhesive, or any glue that is created for glass.

Embellish the snowman with buttons for his eyes and mouth. Glue twigs to the blocks at the seams for his arms, and include a carrot decoration or other piece for his nose. Some persons will include a smaller hat or scarf, your preference.

Marriage or Shower Gift. This glass block crafts plan takes advantage of no lights.

Choose a photograph of your preference that is a little smaller sized than the glass block you might be applying.

Lower a piece of adhesive, coloured vinyl (craft store product) that is a little larger than your block. Center your image in excess of the top of the vinyl so that it will sort a border close to your image. The image will stick to the vinyl.

Area the bordered image versus the outside again of the glass block. When you glimpse by the block, you will want to see the image.

Include a significant ribbon close to the block, and tie a bow on the top. You can include other points if you like. For instance, a teddy bear or infant rattle seems to be pleasant for a infant shower.

Image Body. This is a straightforward glass block task that any person can do.

Choose your most loved photograph. Coat the again with spray adhesive and place it on a piece of cardboard, laminate, or some thing company but slender. Lower the backing to suit the image.

Fill your glass block with sand, no extra than 1/3 total. Area your image inside of the block and stick in into the sand. The sand will keep it in place. You can include seashells or other smaller ornamental products as wanted.

As you see, with a minor creativeness and creativity, you far too can take pleasure in glass block crafts!