Granite Kitchen Countertops: Beauty and Benefit Merged

General Article

Granite’s longevity and wonderfully vivid designs are some of the key factors why this purely natural product carries on to be the most well known option for kitchen counter tops. Granite is also one of the most resilient stones to warmth, stains and abrasions, which is why it’s a organization favorite for virtually all kitchen surfaces.

A purely natural stone quarried significantly below the Earth’s company, the granite kitchen countertop you pick out has been in excess of a thousand years in the building – so it will truly stand the examination of time! As opposed to synthetic imitations, a purely natural product this kind of as Granite gives unrivalled magnificence and uniqueness – no two parts are ever the exact same building your kitchen countertop elegantly distinctive.

When deciding on a small business from which to purchase your new granite counters, make certain they are experienced, choose pride in their products and present superior good quality granite from all in excess of the planet. They need to also present set up services and enable you find the grade, colour and a assortment of edging finishes. Granite’s attractiveness is everlasting and is one that will incorporate significant benefit to your home.

What to take into consideration when deciding on your granite


A single of the most distinguishable elements of granite is its numerous colour palette. Dependent on a stone’s mineralogy, the colors usually connected with granite variety from muted beiges and rose pinks, traditional black-and-whites to saturated reds, prosperous greens and even multi-colors.

Granite is promptly recognisable by its putting flecked or “pebbled” look. Its texture is an unmistakable indication of good quality, igniting interior splendour in any home.

Normal resources present various appearances and charming attributes, supplying a one-of-a-form attraction that only can’t be replicated by a equipment, but you can rest confident that major supplier purchase and set up only the finest grades of granite.


Granite’s longevity and longevity are what make this product an best countertop. Having said that there are a number of various finishes readily available for Granite – all of which will improve the good quality and seal the permanence of your purely natural stone. These are:

Polished Complete – This end provides a shiny, mirror-like outcome. It intensifies the colour and sample including even more sparkle to your stone. Sharpening lowers Granite’s porosity, which boosts its resistance to humidity and chemical substances generally utilised in your kitchen. This is an best option for busy family members.

Honed – This system achieves a easy, non-reflective floor, while it can make your granite more porous so should not be regarded for a countertop that will be utilised regularly.

Brushed/Antiqued – This treatment provides a textured, a little worn look that is a daring option, which will incorporate remarkable outcome.

Flamed finishes – The act of exposing the granite to intense warmth adopted by intense cooling leaves the granite with a hugely textured, slip-resistant floor – all over again a fantastic option for family members.


Granite is recognised as one of the toughest stones for interior applications. Featuring an impenetrable floor, it’s almost impossible for it to crack, choose on abrasions or scratches.

The superior resistance to warmth can make Granite an best floor for a kitchen the place cooking appliances and very hot cookware will be in use. With or without having a end, Granite’s floor can be easily cleaned to take away microbes. It truly is also exceptionally tolerable of tea, coffee, citric acid, liquor and wine.

Granite is virtually impossible to stain, but you need to inquire your countertop vendor about sealants readily available to make improvements to its resistance to staining. Once you’ve built your option, be prepared to like your granite counter tops for many years to appear!