Green Home Renovations – Why Are They So Popular?

General Article

It’s one of the biggest trends in home renovations, but just why are so many homeowners choosing to “go green”?

Because green home renovations give you benefits that other upgrades can’t, like:

1. They make your house stand out

No matter when you try to sell your house, having a bunch of green upgrades will help set it apart from the competition. Remember, you’ve got to convince buyers to choose your home over all the others that are on the market in your neighborhood!

2. They lower your living expenses

With costs for just about everything else going up, it’s nice to know that there’s a way to cut back on your utility bills. Depending on the renovations you make, you can drastically reduce your energy and water bills.

For example, getting double or triple-paned windows can shave 30% off your energy bills.

By replacing the old appliances in your kitchen with ones that come with an Energy Star rating, they’ll actually pay for themselves within 5 years!

If you seal the cracks around your home, it can add up to big savings. In fact, the Department of Energy says that the average American home has enough cracks in it to equal a 3×3 foot hole in the wall! Imagine how much of your air conditioning and heating bills are being wasted!

If you’re not sure exactly where to start, consider getting an energy audit. Odds are your local electric company offers them for free!

3. They make your home healthier

If you think that only good things can come from a fresh coat of paint, think again. The average paint comes with VOCs (short for “Volatile Organic Compounds”). Low and no VOC paints are much more eco-friendly — and, as an added benefit, they’re much safer for the people living around them. In fact, it can be incredibly dangerous for pregnant women to be around VOCs.

By using low or no VOC paints now, you can breathe in healthier air — and then have a big selling point whenever your house goes on the market!

4. They look great

Bamboo floors are one of the most common green home renovations, and it’s easy to see why. They look just as elegant as traditional hardwood, and they come in just as many different shades — but they’re much better for the environment.

That’s because bamboo is a grass, instead of a hardwood. In fact, bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet. The trees that have to be cut down to make hardwood floors can take decades to grow back, but bamboo grows back at a rate of two inches per hour!

5. They give your older home a new feel

Even if it’s been standing for decades, making a few green home renovations can make your home look and feel much more modern. And, remember, countless surveys show that homebuyers respond much better to that new vibe!

6. They help the local economy

Some green building materials get to take advantage of the title just because they didn’t have to use up a ton of gas to get to you. Since they’re not riding on diesel-fueled trucks for thousands of miles, they’re helping you breathe in cleaner air. As an added benefit, by buying them, you’ll get to spend your hard-earned money with a locally-based company, instead of sending your money halfway around the world!