Knowing Square D Circuit Breaker Component Numbers

General Article

Square D breakers are some of the most well-known breakers on the marketplace currently, and have been well-known for many yrs. Industrial Square D breakers use a sophisticated numbering plan that can be quite advantageous to understand. These solutions implement to both of those new and employed breakers.

Initial, we will look at a prevalent Square D element range that is out there as a new or employed breaker, the Square D KA36200.

Body type: K

Interrupt: A

Termination: –

Range of Poles: three

Volts: 6 (600)

Amps: 200


As you can see in this case in point, the element range KA36200 implies it is a type K body, common interrupt, three poles, 600 volts, and 200 amps. These types of breakers normally arrive in numerous distinct varieties, most frequently with distinct amperages. A 300 amp breaker would be numbered as KA36300.

Square D features many body types. The body type establishes the size, condition, and design of the breaker. The interrupt has numerous solutions. A=Typical, C=Additional Superior, I=Latest Minimal, Y=Typical(F-Body only). Terminal solutions are None=I-Line, F=No Lugs, L=Lugs on both of those finishes, P=Lugs off conclusion.

The suffix features many solutions:

F=Body Only

G=Ground Fault


M=Molded Situation Change

MT=Top Feed Lugs

V=View Window

By knowledge this numbering plan, you can decipher the element on any Square D breaker. If you have a KA36070, but require to put in a one hundred amp, you would know to purchase a KA36100.

For household breakers, the Square D QO body type is the most well-known. Square D breakers are out there at home improvement stores and at stores on the internet. Numerous on the internet stores also provide employed Square D breakers. These employed breakers are practical solutions when an electrician simply cannot purchase a replacement breaker by means of standard electrical stores. When a house owner is faced with changing a household circuit breaker, they most frequently can track down a replacement from a nearby hardware or electrical supplier.

If you are changing a Square D breaker and you call for a breaker with a suffix on it, the only possibility may perhaps be to acquire 1 immediately by means of Square D. Numerous of these breakers slide into the class of custom purchase breakers and are only out there from Square D, and frequently are custom created if they are not conveniently out there in stock at a warehouse.

Square D has extensive been a pioneer in new and employed breakers. In 1951 they produced the initial plug-in design of breaker- a design that is however in use currently. In 1991, Square D was purchased by a French firm, Schneider Electric. Schneider Electric continues to use the Square D name for all US marketplace breakers. Even though Square D is owned by a distinct firm now, their quality and item availability is next to none.

Square D breakers are out there at just about all home improvement stores, hardware stores, and on the internet from breaker suppliers. Numerous breaker suppliers supply both of those new and employed Square D breakers. Some stores focus in obsolete and employed Square D breakers.