5 Ways to Deal With the Dreaded Vinyl Wall Panels in Mobile Homes

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The biggest complaint for most mobile home owners is usually about the notorious vinyl wall panels in their homes. Every model and make seemed to have used them between 1980-2000. Each company used their own special brand and some have that plastic looking coating and some don’t. Colors and patterns vary drastically. All have the seams with the strips or battens that “connect” the panels and nobody really knows how to update them, until now. Here is the 5 best ways to handle those pesky walls:

Just Paint Them. Easy enough for anyone. Always clean them first with TSP (or equivalent). Paint doesn’t stick to grease or smoke or dirt and there’s more on your walls than any of us care to think about. Use a really good primer. If your walls are more paper like than plastic make sure to use an oil based primer. That will keep the paper from soaking in all the moisture and raising in odd shapes that look like Abe Lincoln’s hat. If they are more plastic like, you may want to use a Grip type primer. It grips paint and it works.

Texture It All. Not so easy but fun! Just remove the strips (battens) and then throw some mud up. Texture by using whatever tool you have handy. There’s endless types of mud and spackling so do your homework or ask the home improvement employee unless they are younger than you. In that case, go find anyone that looks like they would know. You will get a better answer.

Remove the strips, mud the seams, sand and paint. This is not easy and not fun. If you are a perfectionist do not even try it. You will never match your mud texture to the walls but you can get really close. If your walls have a texture, you don’t have to work so hard. If your walls are smooth your gonna have to work at it. It will look great when you do match closely though.

Strip the paper. Not easy nor fun and not highly recommended. This is for the walls that have the very fine layer of paper attached. If it is easily pulled down in small strips and you see a smooth wall underneath this is a great option for you. If your lucky enough to have this type, just start peeling. You could always rent a steamer to help. Simply prime and paint afterward.

Wallpaper. Remove the strips (battens) and hang. Wallpaper is not easy so get a pattern that can be quickly matched. Get some good tips and tricks before you start. The more knowledge you have the better you can fight the paper, and fight you will.

There’s plenty more ways to update vinyl walls in mobile homes. Painting the walls one color and adding white 1×3 molding over the seams can create a cute cottage look. You could also paint the panels in vertical stripes and use the strips as the … Read More

Beaumont S.P. Depot – Built 1888 on Egan St. – long gone

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Beaumont S.P. Depot - Built 1888 on Egan St. - long gone

This photo will have to do until I find a better one.

History of Beaumont
History of Beaumont, California
From: History of Riverside County, California
with Biographical Sketches.
History By: Elmer Wallace Holmes
Historic Record Company.
Los Angeles, Califirnia 1912

The Ancestry Store


The town of Beaumont is located at the summit of the San Gorgonio Pass at a point where the valley widens considerably so that the distance is five to six miles between the foothills of the San Bernardino range on the north and the San Jacinto mountains to the south. The elevation of the town is estimated at 2,600 feet, Beaumont being the highest point on the Southern Pacific line between Los Angeles and Yuma. A most magnificent view of the mountains is afforded the residents of the place.

It has been seen that the very earliest known settlements of Spanish and later of whites in the pass were located in the northern part of what is now Beaumont, although there was no town at all at that place until about 1884, and then it was known as San Gorgonio. Its present name was received about 1887, when a company of capitalists purchased the lands in the townsite. Notwithstanding the fact that there was no town, a railroad depot and telegraph office were established there in 1875, and for many years this marked the summit of the pass.

In June of 1884 George C. Egan built his first store at San Gorgonio, near what is now the center of the town, on California avenue. Previous to that date Egan, who then had a store at Banning, had bought land from the railroad company and he sold his Banning property in order to make the last payment on this land, which comprised the odd sections in and about the present town of Beaumont. Egan also procured the other lands there, so that he owned practically the whole townsite. As soon as he had made his last payment and owned the property clear, he borrowed money on it and built the store, thus starting the town.

In 1884 also a man named Parrish built a tiny place south of the railroad track near the present location of the roundhouse, and kept a little store there. Egan had a postoffice in his store and was the first postmaster, although a man called "Old Man" Lamb handled the mail that was thrown off the trains for the residents for a short time, unofficially. Both stores, in common with many of the frontier stores of those days, kept liquor, though at that date there was no regular saloon in the town. The railroad station, a small red building, which housed the telegraph office as well, a turn table and water tank, which was then supplied from a well sunk by the railroad company, and a very few other buildings made up the town. The Summit house, the first hotel in Beaumont, which in a remodeled and enlarged … Read More

Walter Zenga On The Home Defeat To Barnsley

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Wolves Head Coach, Walter Zenga’s post-match interview after the 4-0 defeat to Barnsley at Molineux in the Sky Bet Championship (13/09/16).

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home improvement diy

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home improvement diy

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