Home Remodeling Vlog – New Floors – Amazing Before and After!!

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Hi there, in this video I am doing a vlog to share with you the before and after of our home remodeling of new hardwood and carpet flooring in our home. This is …

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Bathroom Remodeling

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Bathroom Remodeling

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What Challenges Do You Face in Business Process Improvement?

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Anytime you introduce change in an organization, challenges can arise. Business Process Improvement (BPI) is no different. Whenever a process changes, you can expect push back from someone! So, what are the different challenges you might face and how can you overcome them?

1. Prioritizing the work: When multiple opportunities exist, you may find it hard to identify the biggest opportunity. On NBC’s The Biggest Loser, you can easily see who has the biggest problem! You can accomplish the same thing with business processes by building a Process Prioritization Matrix.

Merge your list, or inventory, of processes and prioritization criteria into a single spreadsheet, using the rows to list the business processes and using the columns to list the criteria. If you do not have criteria established to help you prioritize, identify some by thinking about the impact, current state, and value of the existing processes as a starting point. Begin your improvement efforts with the highest scoring process.

2. Avoiding scope creep: Once you begin working on a single business process, you can easily veer away from the original focus of the work. Have you ever started a project at home and then you find that one thing leads to another? This happens all the time in BPI work because new ideas, demands, and needs surface as you get into the work, and the temptation is to continually expand the scope of a BPI effort.

Before you begin working on improving a business process, establish a foundation for your work. Similar to building a house, where the foundation carries the weight of the entire structure, the process “blueprint” will help you to avoid scope creep. While you can do this in various ways, I find it helpful to create a one-page document that includes, at a minimum:

  • a description of the process that anyone can understand
  • the process boundaries (where the process begins and ends)
  • the customer and their needs
  • a list of the measurements of success

3. Getting people engaged: In the perfect world, you have sponsorship for BPI, but this does not always exist. Colleagues may not see “what’s in it for me,” or you may not have a culture of improvement in your organization.

Employees have to “own” process improvement to achieve sustained success because that is where the POWER of business process improvement lies! Until everyone in an organization sees BPI as part of their normal day-to-day responsibilities, process improvement will always come and go.

While managers clearly have a role (they are employees too), their responsibility lies in creating the right environment for process improvement. The problem with this idea though is that many managers got to where they are today because of their ability to deliver results as individual contributors.

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The Essentials of Services – Breaking Down the Basics

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What You Need to Consider When Finding a Plumber for Your Repair Works

Plumbing works in the home can be rewarding when they are done right. Kitchen sink, heaters and toilets can all fail and you do not want to be in a desperate position not knowing what to do. The temptation to fix this appliance are so great but you are better off having a plumber do the work for you. Here are a few considerations in what to look for if you are not sure how to go about it.

The right qualification is important when finding a plumber. Being qualified together with having the necessary credentials and being part of professional bodies is important. Access to advance technology and experience are some of the benefits of plumbers with the right qualification and membership.
A professional plumber is another important consideration when finding a plumber. The right tool, the right uniform and professional quotes are some of the professional traits to look for in a plumber. Professionalism will give you the assurance that they are organized and will not make a mess out of your home.

In addition to being professional, how they have packaged themselves online is an important consideration. you can know if a plumber will be easy or difficult to work with based on their online profiles.
Review from the online space is also important to know if they will do a great job or a shoddy job. If the same plumber has been used by your friends and family, you can also find out what their reviews are about the work done.

Communication is another essential consideration when choosing a plumber since you want a plumber who will use simple terms to explain plumbing works to you . You need a plumber who will simplify hard terminologies for you.

Insurance is another important consideration when choosing a plumber A plumbing job can have an accident since it is a technical job. You do not have to incur extra hospital bills with a plumber who is insured. Additionally, should something be damaged when the plumber is at work, you are assured that it will be replaced and you do not have to foot the bill.

Plumbers who also document their work and conduct follow ups are more preferable. This is because they are transparent to what plumbing repair works was done and what was replaced. Such documentation is useful for you when you do repairs in future and need to refer to plumbing works done before.

Finally, when finding a plumber find one that gives warranties and money back guarantees. True professionals stand behind their work and back it up with warranties and guarantees. one who offers them is preferable than those who don’t.… Read More

Bringing a Tesla Model S to a Home Improvement Store

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I can’t overstate how this is our workhorse, our every day car!

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