This week Mrs B has mainly been……

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This week Mrs B has mainly been......

Down in the basement rebuilding the seats from her van. Here the underparts are being renewed, new canvas backing ( home made but using the old steel rods), new bungees ( bought from Messrs ECAS), layered over with new foam. The foam came from a shop in Perpignan and was horribly expensive but gives the appearance of being good quality.

The seat interiors showed every sign of being originals from the early eighties so had had a quarter century of bottom miles on them and one did need a dab of weld.

Being a wise and frugal wife Mrs B had earlier bought a huge bolt of canvas from the highly recommended Whaley Mills in Bradford Yorkshire for this and other projects so the top covers will be removable home builts rather than the smart but pricey readymades one can buy from the usual suspects. 40 square metres of canvas from Bradford cost less than just over 6 square metres of foam from Perpignan. Which is about par for the course.

I’ve had a trial sit and the omens are good.

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Cost of Converting Your Crawl Space to a Basement

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Converting your crawl space to a basement is easier than ever. Professional contractors have specialized equipment and full work crews that can get the job done quickly, and, fairly economically. When you consider how labor intensive a conversion is and how much they used to cost versus the return on your investment, the whole project is actually quite a bargain.

When a contractor converts your crawl space, they are literally digging it out, replacing it with the space for a full basement.

The greastest and most cost efficient use of the space under your home is a basement. You are improving space inside your existing footprint which saves tons of money on the front end of the project. No Zoning issues, land development issues or architectural needs. Lack of all these professionals really lowers cost of this kind of project.

Waterproofing the new structure, including installing sump pumps, window wells, bilco doors, bathroom, sewage pumps, new laundry tubs all can be added without huge professional costs.

The biggest problem is knowing what you want to use the space for. In most cases, the crawl space is unusable for even dry storage.

The area of the new basement is generally 1/2 of the square footage of the house and really provides great new space. With the crawlspace dig out only minor structural issues have to be addressed.

The work is very tedious and hard labor must be done to ensure the stability of your existing home. The old footers need to be undermined carefully and in small sections on opposite sides of the property at a time. This process is completed over rotating sections which eventually complete the new wall structure.

It’s a big job, but most home owners get a 125% return on investment, especially if they are planning to sell the home at some point or use a home equity loan.

The 5 major areas of work involved in a conversion are:

1. Dirt removal

2. Structural support & engineering

3. New Footers

4. New Walls

5. New Floor

All have veriable costs depending on depth and the structural needs. Some contractors can complete a 1′ digout for as little as $50 per square foot.

In most cases, the ultimate cost of a 2′ to 3′ digout to be $50-$100 per square foot. This covers the digging, dirt removal, fixing of structural issues (if any), adding new footers and new concrete walls and a new cement floor (which form the new basement).

If you want a rough estimate, take the square footage of your home, divide it by.5, then multiply that number by 50 and 100 dollars. This is just a guide, your home may cost more or less depending on your individual situation.… Read More

Basement Remodeling and the Need for Waterproofing

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Practical homeowners are finding new ways to improve their homes, whether their purpose is to improve living spaces or if they are planning to increase their home values for a potential future sale. In either case, home remodeling projects would be the very thing that they need and this may involve one or more sections or areas of a house.

One area that has gained much popularity among modern homes is basement remodeling. Home improvements involving the basement have two primary reasons. The first one is to improve the basement as a safe a viable area for storing valuables and other items in the home that are not needed at that particular moment. Another primary reason for basement remodeling is to increase living spaces by trying to convert the basement as another usable room which can be used as a hobby or game area. It can also be used as another bedroom for a teenaged kid who has outgrown sharing rooms with other siblings.

However, one of the most pertinent problems that homeowners encounter with their basements is with regards to water damage. Basements, due to their special location in the home and in most cases underground, are basically surrounded by open ground or soil from all directions. Rains and outside moisture can dampen this soil, and in turn can seep through the walls of the basement causing potential water damage and all the other problems associated with it. This is why a basement remodeling project should first and foremost consider proper waterproofing before trying to convert this room to other useful purposes.

The Need for Waterproofing in Your Basement Remodeling Project

As described earlier, the perennial problem with basements is moisture and without proper waterproofing any basement remodeling work would be rendered useless. Moisture or water that can seep through the walls and flooring of the basement can cause tremendous water damage to the structure. On top of that, moisture in basements can start a rash of mold and mildew infestation that can attack all organic materials that you are keeping in this room.

In modern homes, waterproofing the basement is already part of the design process and custom home builders would incorporate all the necessary methods and materials that basements would need to achieve proper waterproofing. This is imperative for areas that are prone to heavy rains or even flooding.

Before any basement remodeling work is done, it is important to have proper waterproofing activities be done first or incorporated as part of the renovation work. This move would assure the homeowner of a safe basement environment that would protect all and any home improvements that they will undertake here.

Incorporating Waterproofing in Your Basement Remodeling Project

The type of waterproofing that you will need for your basement would depend on the current conditions that your basement is in right now plus a study on potential sources of moisture that could affect your basement. Work with qualified general contractors for this purpose so you can be assured … Read More

Loan Information : About Federal Home Improvement Loan Programs

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The federal home improvement loan programs that are available include FHA loans, the 203K and the streamline 203K. Find out about the low interest of a 203K …

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Home Renovation_0043.jpg

Home Renovation_0043

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