Best Way of Removing Bathroom Wall Paneling

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A restroom’s interior decoration can both make and at the same time break an individual’s home. However, if it done with perfection, it can proof to be an oasis as well as a tranquil place that you can easily use as a reflection of your own lifestyle. However, remodeling your restroom as well as the bathroom wall panels to reach to that point can be quite daunting as it simply means that you need to remove your wall paneling.

This process is deemed to be easy and at the same time difficult depending on the type of adhesive used on the paneling as well as how tightly it is attached to the wall. The best thing about it is that, the tools and mechanism is readily available. However, even with this assurance, the removal procedure may be a bit messy and even take a plethora of hours before completion especially if your bathroom wall panels are wide and if the boarding is stuck closely together. Having said this, here is the best way to achieve this removal process.

• Firstly, makes sure you have all the things required to make the process easier and time saving for you. Once you have everything, use a drop cloth on the floor to collect all the fragments. As you do this, ensure that you have worn protective gadgets such as gloves, dust mask as well as safety mask.

• Start off by molding especially if your paneling is made up of molds. Use a sharp chisel on the edge of the molding and hit it using a hammer to loosen it. Once the molding is loosened, pull its edge out. Do this until it is completely removed from the restroom’s wall.

• In most cases, the edge of a panel usually meets the restroom’s wall. While this is the case, it is worthwhile to place the chisel at this point and tap it using the hammer until it slides under the boarding. Once you are done, simply move the chisel around with an objective of loosening the edge.

• Beneath the edge that has been loosened, you will locate a crow bar that you will be prompted to push using leverage. However, as you do this, be very careful not to cause some gouging on the wall surface found underneath.

• Once done, simply take hold of the loosened boarding and pull it to your side in a gentle manner. Keep on pulling ensuring that the materials are not pulled in the process. If you discover that the wall paneling is kind of stubborn, utilize the chisel to do some loosening on the adhesion between the boarding and the wall step by step.

• Lastly, open the doors as well as windows to bring some ventilation in the restroom. Spread some adhesive remover and let it settle for sometime. Later on remove it and rinse the wall thoroughly using clean water and a damp towel.… Read More

How to Renovate a Glass Dining Table

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Usually, glass dining tables are very sturdy pieces of furniture. The glass material used as table top is specially made to tolerate a large amount of weight compared to a regular type of glass. Any thermal-controlled and tempered glass is defiant to any crushing into pointed, small pieces. However, they are nor resistant to the daily wear and tear. The glass tables are still prone to scrapes, scratches, and cuts. These kinds of cracks and deep scratches are difficult to restore. Fortunately, there is still a way for you to recover the lovely appearance of the glass if it has been scratched, smudged or clouded. So here is a topic about glass dining sets.

In trying to renovate the glass dining table, there are a few materials that you will have to prepare. The following items include a glass polish kit, ruler, glass reviving kit, protective eye goggles, drill, and a rubber or latex protective gloves. The renovation and replacement of glass are two different and separate processes. In renovating the furniture top, you need to purchase a glass-polishing product. Most of the glass polish can be found and bought online so you may want to look through the internet. Some examples of these items are Caswell Glass Polishing Kit and Janvil Glass Restore. Using glass polish is not a guarantee that it will remove hollow and cracked areas on the table top. On the contrary, it can eliminate some stains and scrapes that come from hard water as well as slight surface dents. Once you have bought the product, apply the solution supplied by the kit. The kit usually includes a ready-to-use container solution or powdered polish that will be combined with water. The chemicals present in the polish works by soothing the surface of the table. With the surface relaxed, the rough compound and polishing pad can easily reduce the nicks and upgrade the entire form of the glass. After you have sprayed the solution, briskly rub the marks where the flaws and blotches are found. Use the slightly abrasive sponges or drill-bit accessories that are available in the kit. The drill accessory is basically used only for hollow scuffs that can be felt with the fingertips approximately .004 inches in depth.

As for the replacement process of the tempered glass, this is the option when there is no other way of restoring the cracks and damages. It is the single way of repairing any serious damage in a glass dining table. You can find some replacement from local hardware shops or go through online that sell small bits of tempered glass. You can even find some online store that allows you to customize the shapes of the glass such as the One Day Glass. Select shapes that you prefer. You can choose shapes like squares, circles, rectangles, oval, octagon, and round-corner square. When you have picked the shape, you can now choose the dimensions, edgework, tint, and thickness of the material. Make sure to get a thicker … Read More

Interesting Finished Basement Wall and Floor Paint Color Ideas

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Hello home lovers, let’s see what we present today. Many kinds of finished basement wall and floor paint color ideas. You are available to choose wall and floor …

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Bathroom Remodel

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Bathroom Remodel

Husband tiled the floor. The goal was to blend the 15 year old light mocha colored fixtures with the floor. The tub enclosure was already a multi blue tile. Used a regular 8 foot curtin panel from Bed Bath & Beyond to dress up the tub a bit. Did not need a shower curtin since the tub has the glass sliding doors. Was able to bring back the clarity of the 15 year old glass doors using Mr Clean Magic Eraser for bathrooms.

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What Home Appraisers Look For

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The recent sagging housing market has homeowners looking for ways to maximize their home and get the highest appraisal possible when they refinance, whether they need equity from their home or want a lower mortgage payment.

Here’s some quick tips for your unique house plans and a to do list to review prior to setting up the appointment for an appraisal.

1. An appraiser will check all rooms throughout your home for damage that could affect the overall value, so scope out your entire home for anything that needs fixing.

2. An appraiser will verify any upgrades if you choose to provide a list of these upon their arrival. Creating a thorough list with all the upgrades, additions and special features will make it easier for the appraiser to remember these once they have left your home.

3. Appraisers note all permanent features to a home that will affect value. For example, built-in appliances in the kitchen. Any removable appliance is not included in the appraised value.

4. Appraisers will check the basement for upgrades and finishing, because an updated finished basement can increase a property’s value, but they are never included in the total square footage.

5. Appraisers always check the furnace and air-conditioning units making sure they exist and are in good working order.

6. Appraisers also verify the number of bedrooms in a home. A bedroom is defined as a room with at least one closet and one window. So, never turn a bedroom into a den or merge two bedrooms into one unless you have four or more bedrooms to begin with in your home.

7. Appraisers will appreciate a home that doesn’t have cracks in the walls, or unfinished remodeling projects like painting half completed. In fact, don’t even begin a project you will not have time to finish in your home before an appraisal; it can negatively affect your home’s value.

8. Appraisers also take photos of the front and the back of the home. Then, they will measure all land area on the property.

9. Appraisers make sure you have GFI outlets within six feet of all water sources. This means all sinks in your kitchen and bathrooms need this type of outlet.

10. Appraisers look in your attic for adequate insulation. Also, adding an attic fan is a nice touch since it will show off a well maintained home.

11. If your home was built prior to 1978, then it is wise to check for peeling paint. Paint used in homes before 1978 had lead in it. But, do not sand any peeling surfaces in a home of this age, just prime and paint. It is unhealthy to sand the paint because it causes paint particles to become airborne.

12. Appraisers check the home’s roof and make sure it is in good shape. Roofs over 10 years old can affect a home’s value.

13. Your home’s exterior will make a difference in the value of your home. Brick is superior to vinyl … Read More