Delhi home improvement 2014 011

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Delhi home improvement 2014 011

Zaheer, atop the welded wire-mesh roof, repainting.

Posted by Sanjay Tiwari / Melissa Selby on 2014-07-13 02:24:33

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Eight Little Things Not to Forget When Building a New Home

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Building your own home can be exciting yet nerve racking experience. Paying attention to detail throughout the construction process will help streamline the process and increase your ultimate satisfaction with the home. Here are eight little things not to forget when building your new home.

Ample High Performance Lighting – Be sure to install ample high output energy efficient lighting in high use areas. This rule absolutely applies to kitchens and bathrooms. If installing recessed lighting, be sure to several lights through out the kitchen or bathroom to avoid shadows. Chandeliers, track lighting, fluorescent lights or under cabinet light will all work fine. Just be sure to install plenty of them in high use areas.

Insulate Your Garage – Most builders only install insulation within interior walls of the home that face the outside of the house. Generally, builders do not insulate the exterior walls of your garage. Forget this tip and your garage will be hotter in the summer and colder in the winter. Have your builder insulate the exterior facing walls of your garage before the drywall is installed. Better yet, do it yourself to save some money.

Electrical Outlets Under Eaves – If you like to install lights during the holiday season on your roof line, be sure to install electrical outlets under the eaves to simplify installing the lights. Also be sure to install a switch to turn the lights on or off from inside your home near the front entrance. When you are up on that ladder on a blustery winter day, you will be thankful you can just plug the lights in with minimal extension cords and flip the lights on or off with a switch from inside your home. Speaking of holiday lights, install an outlet near the mantel of your fireplace too.

Double Coaxial Connections in Wall Jacks – Given the popularity of high definition televisions and digital video recorders, be sure to run two coaxial cables into each wall jack where you may want a TIVO or DVR unit. This will allow you to record one show and watch another simultaneously. Forget and you will need to drop that second coaxial line later which can be very tricky after drywall is installed.

Gas Line In Utility Room – Even if you plan to use an electric clothes dryer, it may be prudent to install a gas line into your utility room to allow for a gas clothes dryer in the future. Although gas prices are on the rise, if you have a large family and do many loads of laundry each week it may be cheaper in the long run to use gas. If you do not add a gas line in the utility room, an electric clothes dryer will be your only option.

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How to Remove an Aftermarket Wood Dash Kit From Your Car

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You’re right to expect that this will be quite a bit of work, but it’s something you can definitely do at home if you have some time and patience. Bottom line, it can get messy and it is time consuming, so there are a few ground rules that we need to set first before you begin this project.

Here’s what you’ll need –
1. Plenty of time
2. Heat gun or hair dryer
3. Goof Off (or similar glue remover)
4. Lots of clean rags
5. Replacement dash trim kit (maybe)

First, the big question. Are you absolutely sure its an aftermarket wood dash kit? These instructions only apply to an aftermarket installed wood dash kit. These type kits are overlays, (usually installed at the local car dealerships) and can be removed with some persuasion. However if you have a factory installed dash kit, and by factory I mean installed at the manufacturing plant level (not the dealership) you can not remove the kit without replacing the entire dash part. The wood will not separate from the dash in this instance. If you are sure its an add-on aftermarket dash kit then we are good to go.

Second, be sure to pick a day when you have a good block of time open because this is not something you can rush. So that means that you need to pick a day that you are off from work, and no doctor or dentist appointments. Also, you need to be prepared to (more than likely) reinstall a replacement dash kit to cover up any markings left by the old kit that you are removing. Sometimes you can get lucky and it wont leave any marks, but most of the time there will be some type of markings such as outlines or discoloration of the dash.

To begin, you’ll want to use a hair dryer and try to heat up the wood dash kit as much as possible. That will soften the glue to some extent, and you can try to start pulling up a corner of the dash piece slowly and lifting it off. and it is important that you really warm it up good or it will be very hard and brittle, making it tougher and more time consuming to remove. I wouldnt use any sharp tools here, though you will be tempted to do so. Try just using your fingers to pull, as anything sharp used will likely damage your dash.

Take your time! Once you get a piece off you will more than likely be left with some glue or adhesive. Warm that up again and try to remove that best as you can without any solvents (just the first step). Then, when you do need some solvent, try a glue remover like goof-off (available at home improvement stores such as Home Depot) but be very careful where you wipe it. If you get that on any of your new surfaces you may get some discoloration. Just be careful … Read More

Kitchen Remodel: Part 15: Breakfast Bar – Part B

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I have built the bar top of the breakfast bar. It is made from khaya, a type of mahogany. The design idea for the bar is that the top surface wraps vertically at the …

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Rustic Home Decor

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Rustic Home Decor

rustic living room decorating ideas

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rustic home living e1278558685876 Rustic Home Touches to Bring Luxury

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