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ready to pour the porch foundation

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Benefits of Free Energy Magnetic Motor

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With the never ending increase of fuel and energy cost, a lot of people are now turning to alternative energy sources in the hope of reducing, if not completely eliminating, their dependence on the power supply provided by huge power corporations. Currently, there are several alternative and renewable sources of energy, including the solar panels and wind turbines. One of the renewable sources of energy that is gaining huge popularity over the years because of its numerous practical benefits is the free energy magnetic motor.

Free energy magnetic generators use magnets to create an indefinite source of free electricity. Through the concept of the natural polarity of the magnetic poles – magnets attract and repel each other, magnetic free energy becomes possible. The natural repulsion or the repelling characteristic of magnetic waves creates a perpetual motion that is being harnessed by the magnetic generator. Perpetual motion allows the generator to create more energy output more than it consumes, hence creating an incessant production of gratis energy.

One of the main advantages of free energy magnetic motor is the fact that it doesn’t require an energy input or external energy source to be able to generate energy. With the magnetic motors, it can function without any problems regardless of the weather condition for as long as the magnets are properly in place.

Compared to solar panels and wind turbines, magnetic motors are a lot cheaper to build. A home set up for solar energy and wind power would equate to thousands of dollars and would require years before one can rip off and start saving. This just simply doesn’t work for most of us, considering today’s sluggish economy.

Today, there are Do-It-Yourself magnetic motors available online. It provides step-by-step and simple-to-follow instructions as to how to build your own magnetic generator at home. For as low as $100, even a normal person without any technological power engineering background can design his own gratis energy magnetic motor. The materials needed are also very affordable and accessible, which may even be found on your junk yard or on the nearest hardware stores.

A free energy magnetic motor is very simple to run and could generate sufficient amount of energy that would be enough to completely supply every household’s power needs. For over two years now, several homes have already installed and used this revolutionary unit supporting the fact that it indeed works. It is an eco-friendly way to cut-off your electricity bill for up to 80%. Like solar and wind power, magnetic free energy is generated without bio-hazards as free energy generators produce no harmful by-products.… Read More

Kitchen Remodel Before and After video

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See a kitchen remodel project before and after the project was completed. There are some good design ideas you can get from this kitchen remodel project.

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Backroom remodel project

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Sustaining Competitive Advantage

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A competitive advantage could simply be defined as the advantage or ability a firm has over its rivals in the industry; or the ability a firm has to outperform its industry rivals.

A firm is said to have a competitive advantage when it has the capabilities or means to push out its rivals in striving for the favour of customers. This applies internationally or locally as well as to both services and products.Thus, a sustainable competitive advantage is the persistence the firm applies despite efforts by competitors or potential entrants to copy or overtake it. Sustainability therefore, requires that strategic assets are not easily available to others and imperfectly mobile. This will be considered later.

Porter (1990) states that, though not all nations are in the forefront of competition, the home nation which shapes the competitive advantage is the starting point for a firm’s competitive advantage and also from which it must be sustained. However, in whatever field of endeavor, competitive advantage creation must be a choice of management and it must really fit to achieve results. It must be noted here that competitive advantage can normally be traced to one of three roots:

Superior resources, superior skills and superior positions.

Competitive strategy is one of the ways in which a business relates to its environment by competing with other firms who are also trying to adapt within the operating environment. It is with this aspect- the competitive strategy which if appropriately chosen and implemented appropriately give the firm a competitive advantage over its rivals.

It must be noted here that the prescriptive view of strategic planning emphasizes the importance of the organizational environment as a source of threats and opportunities and the need for effective responses by the organization if survival was to be assured and the success achieved. The response is later formulated into plan which formulates major decisions about entry into new markets or development of new products and services guided by set goals. Under the influence of Porter’s writings in the 1980s the emphasis shifted from the plan to the selection of an appropriate generic strategy to position the business unit in its competitive environment. Porter, arguing that the environment poses threats and brings opportunities than with trends and events, suggested that the environment could be analyzed using the five forces analysis to identify the issues which affect the level of competition in an industry; after which a strategy is formulated to combat it.

The resultant strategy, which he referred to as generic, distinguished some strategic options the firm can possess:

Cost leadership: the business could position itself as offering a low cost product as a standard price i.e. cost leadership strategy. Costs are reduced at every element of the value chain. Producers can exploit the benefits of a bigger margin than the competitors. Toyota is a good example of an organization that produces quality cars at low price coupled with a brand and marketing skills to use a premium pricing policy.

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