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A few design ideas that could be done by us for your. We provide home renvovation and remodeling. Kitchen, bath and basement remodeling. Finished …


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Humidifier or Dehumidifier – Which is Right for You?

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The humidity level within our homes is very important to our health, too much or too little moisture can cause everything from condensation and mold to dry skin and respiratory issues. Our homes and our bodies depend on the right humidity levels to stay strong and healthy.

Humidity is described as the water vapor levels that are in the air that we breathe. When the air warms up, the vapor levels drop. As the air becomes heavy with rain, the levels begin to rise. Either of these extremes causes us to become uncomfortable and more susceptible to illnesses.

In the winter, the humidity levels tend to be low due to continued use of furnaces and other heating appliances. When this happens, we are left with dry skin, lips and eyes, which are uncomfortable, but can be deal with. However, for some people, especially the very young, very old or those already compromised by sickness, the dryer air can leave them more susceptible to respiratory issues such as bronchitis and asthma.

The use of a home humidifier will bring the air moisture levels to where they need to be. There are several types of humidifiers to choose. A popular type of devise works by warming up water from a reservoir tank, the evaporated water is then dispersed through the home with the use of a fan system. Another system utilizes a continuous mist or steam that is dispersed through the whole house, putting the needed moisture into the air.

A dehumidifier addresses the opposite problem. When the air that we breathe becomes saturated with water, we become uncomfortable, the air is sticky and it is harder to breath. The most common way to deal with this problem is with the use of an air conditioner, which literally sucks the water from the air. This effectively lowers the moisture levels and makes us more comfortable.

If an air conditioner is not an option, the next most common way to control high humidity levels is with the use of a bathroom or kitchen exhaust fan; These are the two places where high humidity levels are frequently found. The exhaust fan pulls the high moisture air out of the room, resulting in a more normal air / water level.

Another way to dehumidify the air in a house is with a dehumidifier. The use of a dehumidifier becomes important in areas of the house that never seem to dry out, such as the basement; Or if someone in the home has allergies to mold. Most molds are very common and are not anything to worry about, except in the case of an allergy sufferer. In this case, a dehumidifier should be used in the bedrooms of the person with allergies as well as in or around the high humidity areas of the home.

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers can be found in a size that is right for every house, in fact for every room of the house. They are sold in a variety of stores … Read More

Bathroom Remodeling With Rock

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Bathroom remodeling provides an opportunity to go for an entirely new look. For some, bathroom remodeling is a time for an unusual look – something unique.

Bathroom remodeling with rock and other natural materials can give you that unique look. It can give you the feeling of being in a natural retreat, far from the busy city life.

Achieving the Look

Begin your bathroom remodeling project by designing, or finding a design of the finished product. How do you want the bathroom to look when you are done?

For example, suppose you want a relaxing, peaceful hideout. What elements will achieve that look? What tasks will your bathroom remodeling project include?

1. Walls: Picture grasscloth wallpaper in green and tan tones. Grasscloth wallpaper is made of natural grasses, and green shades are not bright. The woven wallpaper has a horizontal line, and will set the mood for your project of bathroom remodeling with rock and natural materials.

2. Floor: A floor of slate or marble, real or imitation will fit your theme and be easy to clean. Use natural hemp or grass mats.

3. Sink: Purchase a rock sink. These sinks are hewn from river rocks, and hollowed with a polished cavity. They have a standard drain hole. Deep or shallow: choose a rock sink to enhance your bathroom remodeling.

4. Vanity: Continue your bathroom remodeling with rock and natural materials by choosing a bamboo vanity on which to set your rock sink. These vanities come in various sizes, and will carry the outdoor theme well. Hang a bamboo mirror / cabinet above the vanity.

5. Faucets: Bamboo shaped faucets will complement your sink well. The type that have an open top at the faucets end will look as though they came right from an oriental garden into your bathroom remodeling project.

6. Bathtub: Yes, you can get a “boulder bathtub” for your natural bathroom. You could probably find a standard bathtub with a marble-like finish, but an actual boulder would be natural. This calls for a large bathroom, and will look cramped in a small space. Add bamboo faucets to match those at the sink. Caution: Please make sure your floor will hold the weight before you order a boulder bathtub.

7. Toilet: You may not be able to go this far with your project of bathroom remodeling with rock, but you can camouflage the toilet to make it fit your theme. A dark green or black toilet would blend well.

8. Shower curtain: Hemp is a perfect, natural shower curtain material. It is durable, and stands up to water, as shown by its centuries-long use for canvas boat sails. Hemp is also said to be naturally anti-fungal & anti-bacterial. Macramé curtain rings are a nice touch.

9. Lights and Accessories: Complete your bathroom remodeling with rock and natural materials by adding natural lights and accessories. Recessed lights are good, since they will give the appearance of daylight without being visible. If you want makeup lighting around the mirror, … Read More

“Home Improvement” Tim Taylor Accident Clips

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Home Improvement” Tim Taylor is accident prone. Some of the accidents Tim Taylor caused on “Home Improvement” over the years.

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