looking SW from entry hall into dining room – Tinsley Living Farm – Museum of the Rockies – 2013-07-08

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looking SW from entry hall into dining room - Tinsley Living Farm - Museum of the Rockies - 2013-07-08

Looking from the entrance hall into the dining room on the first floor of the house on the grounds of the Tinsley Lliving Farm at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana.

The house was constructed in 1889 by William and Lucy (Nave) Tinsley. William Tinsley worked for Wells Fargo and migrated to Montana in 1864. Lucy was a dressmaker who emigrated to Virginia City, Montana, the same year. Both were originally from Missouri. They met in Virginia City, married in 1867, and relocated to Willow Creek in the Gallatin Valley (about 40 miles west of Bozeman). They built a homestead log cabin (about the size of the current blacksmith shop), and lived there until 1889. Their first child was born in 1868, and by 1889 they had eight kids.

William Tinsley built the family a two-story home out of logs taken from the nearby Tobacco Root Mountains. The oldest children helped haul the logs, which took two days to get to the homestead. The structure took two years to construct. Most of the items in the house were ordered from the Sears catalog. The family occupied the house until the 1920s.

The house was purchased by the museum in 1987, and moved from its original location to the Museum of the Rockies in 1989. Refurbished with items donated by Tinsley descendants, it now serves as a living history museum. The house sits on 10 acres of land, and includes a historically accurate kitchen garden, flower garden, chicken coop, farm implements, carriage house, blacksmith shop, root cellar, outhouse, functioning well and pump, storage shed, and fields. A full cellar was excavated beneath Tinsley House as well.

Visitors are free to touch and use many of the items in Tinsley House. A staff of historical re-enactors includes four women who cook, clean, sew, and perform chores around the house as well as a blacksmith who does ironmongery and repairs.

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Planning Kitchen Remodeling

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Planning kitchen remodeling

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen then various aspects need to be considered before you begin. Given below is a series of steps and guides you can keep in mind to make kitchen remodeling a fun-filled, constructive event.

A basic plan

A well thought-out detailed plan is a must before you begin remodeling your kitchen. This plan should be designed keeping in view the current good and bad aspects in your kitchen. Next you need to decide whether you plan to design the kitchen yourself, use a kitchen or interior designer or work with a cabinet distributor or home center. Also modern usage trends and optimum usage of space should be kept in mind.


Sheet vinyl has been a popular choice for kitchen floors because it is available in a variety of designs, textures, price ranges and colors. This has today replaced linoleum, which was a favorite during earlier days. Ceramic tiles, wooden floors and eco-friendly materials are other good options for good looking and durable flooring.

Optimum workspace

Modern trends show that nowadays couples or nuclear families often cook together and share kitchen chores. Thus workspace in today’s kitchens should be utilized such that more than one person can work efficiently without getting in the other person’s way. You can also create distinct work centers by separating workspaces with sinks, microwave or other appliances.

Storage space

Modern trends also indicate that nowadays with women working out, very few items are cooked from scratch and storage space for items needs to be increased. Thus cabinets have entered the scene in a big way. One can choose from frameless and framed cabinets and can order from custom or standard design makers. Check for rollout, tilt-out and other storage features inside the cabinets.

Kitchen sinks

Sinks are an important element in any kitchen. These are available today in a variety of colors, materials, sizes and design options to suit every pocket. You can choose from cast iron, stainless steel, plastic, and top-mount or under mount models. You can also select from single-bowl, double-bowl, deep and shallow models.

Considering appliances

While purchasing appliances for your kitchen remember that these should suit the entire concept of the kitchen design. Opt from built-in or free standing styles and select ranges in materials that go with the color combinations and materials used in your kitchen.

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A Description Of The Bathroom Remodeling

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One way or another, the idea of bathroom remodeling would cross your mind. In fact, it would not even matter whether it is summer, fall, winter or spring; all that would matter is for you to have a better looking bathroom.

Aside from bedroom, your bathroom is a very personal place. In fact, more than your room, it is the place in your house wherein you can be fully alone. Perhaps this is the reason why some people go to their bathrooms whenever they want to momentarily escape crowds.

For some people, bathroom is the only place in the house wherein you can do anything you want. While in it, you can look at the mirror as long as you want. You can also shout your lungs out for you wouldn’t even feel guilty of bothering others. In short, bathrooms can be very sacred to some.

The thought of bathroom remodeling could come to you anytime. It can be while you are taking a bath or when you see some dull paints on its wall. So what’s the problem? For one, bathroom remodeling ideas would cost money. Finally, it may not be that easy to find for the right contractor.

However, if you have the right amount to pay for the bathroom remodeling cost, you would still need to attend to the next problem and that is searching for bathroom remodelers. For this, it is important to understand that bathroom remodeling contractors differ from the other.

Contractors that offer bathroom remodels have more expertise and understanding on how to properly modify and improve the look of your shower room. Their services cover plumbing, reinstallation of bathroom fixtures as well as selecting the right kind of paint or wall paper. For this reason, it is important to hire them and not any other firm.

Before going to a remodeling firm, it is also suggested that you be ready to explain them how you want your bathroom remodel to be like. Most people would suggest that you search and print out bathroom remodeling pictures so that you can easily explain them what you want.

As an alternative, you can also choose firms that provide consultations or bathroom remodel ideas. Such construction companies generally have bathroom remodeling photos to present to their clients.

Now, where can you find an individual or firms that do bathroom remodeling? To find them, you may want to consult your phone directory, the internet or even some people you know. These three are the best options that you have.

By consulting your directory, you will be able to find a lot of individuals that are related to this kind of business. However, aside from their telephone numbers and names, you wouldn’t be able to find out more about them unless you call them.

On the other hand, the internet would provide you pictures and even comments of the individual’s previous clients. Through them, you would be able to identify which of the existing companies you can rely on.… Read More