Coffee Shop Business Plan – The Basic Points You Must Cover

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Many coffee shop owners do not realize the importance of having a good coffee shop business plan. A business plan is basically a document that list down your competitive strategy and execution during the operations. Having a compelling strategy will inspire you to great heights in business success and having a good execution business plan will ensure that your castle is not built on clouds. It forces you to dream big and at the same time to come out with operations to make this dream a reality.

Having a well thought out business plan will give you an advantage over your competitors. It give any your potential bankers and investors a big boost in confidence in your vision. They realized that most of the coffee shop owners cannot put down their strategy into paper; mush to execute them well.

In general, the language in the coffee shop business plan should be factual and business like. You can use any prospectus of a listed company as a reference. You may say that you are not going for listing! You must realize that the investors are really looking for good deals and there is no better way to show them you mean business by having a world class business plan. Use graphs and government statistics to back up your research and this will give you instant credibility. A good business plan will basically cover two things, your business strategy and execution.

A. Strategy

A strategy is the goal you want to achieve in your business in the short run, which is the first one year and for the long run, which is 5 year. As this is a big topic by itself, I shall cover the few critical components briefly.

i) Target market

The first thing you must cover is your target market. This includes the demographics, where they eat and how affluent they are. Then you need to estimate the market size. This will depend on how big an area you think you can realistically cover.

ii) Competitions

No business exists by itself. If there really is none, that is a sign of no demand in the market. You must list down your nearest competitor in your chosen niche and their strengths and weaknesses. If you can, list down their revenue per month and estimated market share as well.

iii) Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Your USP is how you position you business differently from other competitors. It answers the question of why your customers must be crazy not to do business with you compared with your competitors. It could be your quality food, your service, your cozy environments or your pricing. Give them a compelling reason why and they will flock to your coffee shop.

iv) Target location and rationale

The location you choose to start your business really depends on your USP. You may choose to do an upscale coffee shop and naturally, a nice and relaxed environment is important. The renovation costs and may skyrocket but you can … Read More

Annoying Orange – Kitchen Improvement (Home Improvement Parody)

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Home Improvement For Summer

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Home Improvement For Summer – Summer is the ideal time of year to wear your actual enthusiastic hues. This is the time of year to appreciate watermelon, fricasseed chicken, natural corn, and crusty fruit-filled treat. It is the time of year when days are long, evenings are hot, and viewing fireflies……

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Ability of Dot Net Framework to Cater Varied Development Needs

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Having a web application has become a requisite for businesses to grow and stand ahead of the competitors. Addressing this concern, we have become pretty aware about the dynamics of .Net framework and how it benefits in the task of web development. This platform helps companies to efficiently communicate with partners and clients, thereby delivering a vast range of services to them.

Why Consider .Net as the Superior Choice

Typically, this platform comprises of 5 basic elements including; .NET Building Block Service, Windows Enterprise Server, Windows Operating System, .NET framework and the Visual Studio.NET tool set. This technology offers the ability to seamlessly develop, deploy and use security-enhanced and connected systems and solutions.

What is the specialty of .Net framework

  • Rapid development.
  • Enhanced support for dynamic web pages.
  • Object-oriented scripting language.
  • Zero impact installation.
  • Value added security.
  • Speedy and easy data access.
  • Supporting web services.

Latest features in .Net Framework 4.6.2

Recently, release of .Net 4.6.2 has led to a series of improvements and bug fixes. Microsoft published a blog post which, highlights the changes and features in the latest version of this platform. This refined version brings about a number of improvements which, end users will take advantage of. Some of its key advancements are per-monitor DPI support, extensive support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2.

Core Advantages of .Net

  • This platform efficiently minimizes the amount of code needed to develop complex and large applications which, can speed up the development process, thereby downsizing the development cost.
  • Smart caching technologies, just-in-time compilation and native optimization drastically maximize the overall application performance.
  • This framework supports different types of languages and allows you to choose the language which, appears as the ideal choice for your application.
  • It boasts the feature of cross-platform migration.
  • It offers simplicity and makes it easy to complete the tasks including deployment and configuration.
  • It features a broad class library including a number of common tasks and ready-to-use custom web controls which, allow development of professional applications without any need of building from the scratch.
  • It ensures high security and reliability because of the in-built Windows authentication and per-application configuration.
  • It stays updated as per the latest technological requirements.

This platform serves as the most appropriate option to build greater online visibility and thus, rely on an experienced Dotnet developer to deploy this platform at its best. Irrespective of whether you need to develop an online application, develop modules for the existing web applications or build a business website, .Net offers you with an integrated framework to cater your diverse requirements.… Read More

Fifth Harmony – Work from Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign

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