How to Direct Mail Flyers to Specific Neighborhoods, Not Entire Zip Codes!

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A New Way to Direct Mail

It’s simple. If local area customers do not know about your business, they can not purchase your products or services. With this in mind, sending offers via direct mail, to highly targeted neighborhoods, will provide the greatest benefit to your business. Don’t waste marketing dollars mailing offers to entire Zip Codes if parts of it are outside of your service area. Instead, use the powerful new Every Door Direct Mail program from the United States Postal Service. By doing so, you can mail offers to highly targeted customer areas without the need for expensive mailing lists, ink jetting services, or tabbing. In other words, EDDM is the most cost-effective solution to market your business.

How EDDM Works

The EDDM program was started by the USPS for delivering business-related materials to households along selected carrier routes. Carrier routes are similar to neighborhoods, and represent specific neighborhood areas that USPS Letter Carriers deliver materials to on a daily basis. With EDDM, any business owner can go online, pull up an interactive map of their local area, and use the U-Select targeting tool to hand-pick where they want their mail offers to deliver. Never before have direct mail services been so easy to use via the web.

What Types of Businesses Can Benefit?

The service is ideal for restaurant owners, retail stores, home improvement services, automotive dealerships, medical practices, professional services, and even one-person businesses looking to find new customers. With EDDM, it is possible to produce a turnkey direct mail campaign for as little as twenty-nine cents per home. These rates can include professional design service, printing, and postage – the lowest cost ever for business direct mail via the USPS.

Now Modernized, Easier Than Ever Before

In the past, small business owners had perceived direct mail as “too expensive” or “complex and difficult.” Now, by leveraging the power of online targeting tools and the efficiency of the EDDM program, advertising campaigns are simple, easy, and affordable. Since its launch, the USPS has processed millions upon millions of flyers, postcards, and coupons for business around the country.

So far, the response has been tremendous. If you haven’t tried EDDM for your business, now is the time to beat your competitors to the punch.

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Drywall Patch – Drywall Repair with Drywall Clips

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Renovated bathroom 20070205-100411

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Renovated bathroom 20070205-100411

The renovation of our upstairs bathroom is nearly completed.

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Home Loans With Bad Credit: Advice To Improve Approval Chances

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Nobody will argue with the claim that lenders like mortgage applicants with an excellent credit history. The element of risk is less, confidence in obtaining a return on their investment is high and everyone is happy. But what about those seeking home loans with bad credit?

It is a different story for bad credit borrowers, who extremely find secure mortgage approval harder to achieve. But, while it is harder, it is by no means impossible. There are lenders willing to accept the higher risk, if the applicant is willing to accept some compromises.

The fact is that credit ratings are not the most important aspect of a loan application. What is greater interest to lenders is that the applicant has a steady income from a secure job. Then they can feel confident the home loan will be repaid. However, there are some steps that, if taken, can strengthen the application overall.

1. Know Your Financial Status

For anyone seeking a loan, the first thing to do is to establish your financial status. This is basically finding out your credit score and, if it is poor, assessing how to improve it before submitting the applications. Given the amount of money involved, this is especially important when seeking home loans with bad credit.

All that is needed to do is get your credit report from the credit agencies. These are simple to secure online, with many lending institutions offering access to a free version of the credit report. However, it is possible to order the full report directly from the agencies themselves.

The chief advantage of having this information is improving the chances of securing mortgage approval. And if the score looks low and does not include information on a recently cleared loan, it is possible to get the score reviewed. A higher score means a lower interest rate will be charged on the home loan.

2. Consider Pre-Approval

In truth, this is not a step that improves the chances of approval, but it is a way to improve the chances of securing the best possible new home. The typical approval process takes between 60 days and 90 days, so applying for a home loan, with bad credit or good, takes time.

The problem with taking time is that if the application is submitted after finding the preferred property, then by the time the process is complete, the property is almost guaranteed to have been sold to someone else. By securing mortgage approval in advance, the borrower is able to buy the home they want immediately.

However, pre-approval does not mean a lower interest rate is charged. The benefit of securing the home loan before home hunting lies in the greater purchase power.

3. Find a Cosigner

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Complete Bathroom Renovation

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I do not show any how to projects in this video, only before & after to show possibilities of what you can do.

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