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yesterday i had to teach till 10pm. when i finally got home, i still wanted to busy myself with photography but had done no shooting all day, so i started digging deep into my archive of RAWs — and thankfully i’m an image packrat and almost never delete a capture.

that was a painful experience — how awful the images are! i started shooting regularly in china, but not only did i know next to nothing, i had no idea what i didn’t know. i’m thankful that i started, and i can see i’ve improved, so i guess i shouldn’t feel so bad, but really, so few frames are salvageable!

then this morning, i saw a wonderful video by lisa greenfield, called the future of the brain, that immediately flew and embedded itself into my blog, all about the mind, the brain and how its structure defines us. i knew most of this information already, but the video presented things in a comprehensive manner and i enjoyed it thoroughly. together with the improvement of my skills that i perceived last night, it gave me a very deep insight into the nature of our existence, the plasticity of minds, and why we should substitute anger with compassion for others who don’t think like we do.

the structure of beijing’s bird nest kind of reminded me of interconnections, thus the title from the corresponding word in greek.

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The Lighthouse of Lorong Place

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The Lighthouse of Lorong Point

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Handbook Mode, f/eight, thirty sec, ISO one hundred

Canon 5Dmk1, Canon EF seventeen-40mm F/4L, Hoya R72


Created in 1997 and concluded in October 1998, the Lorong Place lighthouse was one of the quite a few Philippine lighthouses created or rehabilitated less than the Maritime Security Enhancement Venture, Stage B, funded by a P3-billion bank loan from the Overseas Financial Cooperation Fund (OECF) of the Japanese authorities. Found in Panay, a smaller island northeast of Catanduanes. It is often perplexed with the much greater Panay Island in Western Visayas.

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