Transform Your Spare Bedroom Into a Den

General Article

Spare bedrooms can go to waste when they are left unused. By transforming your spare bedroom space into a den, you can have a space that is functional and lends to the interior design of your home. Whether you use your den space like an office or more like a sanctuary, a den can be a valuable addition to any home. Turn any spare bedroom into a den using these basic tips and techniques and you’ll be sure to have the ultimate den for your home in no time at all.


No matter how you plan your den design, getting the most out of it requires the right furniture to get the job done. Furniture’s like sofas and couches work well for dens that are designed more like a living room or theater room space. A small desk and chair can be the perfect addition to any den space. Reading nooks and other out of the way den space requires comfy and soft chairs and ottomans. Chaise lounges are a comfortable solution for the spare bedroom den space as well.


What den is complete without a relaxing fireplace to sooth away the days discomforts? While fireplaces aren’t right for every interior design idea in a den space, they can be installed anywhere. Many gas fireplaces can be installed without a flue, making them easily installable in any room of the house. Some fireplaces can be centered in the room, making the spare bedroom den one of the most luxurious room’s in the house.

Closet Spaces

Since most dens don’t have closet spaces but spare bedrooms do, disguising it with decorating ideas like office space or home theater component storage can help to change your spare bedroom into a den. Removing old bi-fold closet doors and replacing them with a built-in shelving system can make the perfect location for all of your relaxing den décor, stereo equipment and television components. Closets can also be manipulated to contain fireplaces, office desks and even small furniture.


While a basic fan with a light kit will often work just fine in a bedroom design, it doesn’t carry over well in a den. Track lighting, can lighting and wall sconces all add to the look and feel of a den space. Dimmer switches are a must-have feature as they help to make the area feel comfortable and peaceful, even when the rest of the house is in chaos.