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Old home renovation from vacant building to a warm, cozy kitchen. Wood floors, new cabinetry, walls, plumbing, lighting, fixtures. We event built a custom bench for dining in.

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20 Fast Facts About Retractable Awnings

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If you feel excited to read this article, you probably already know at least a little about the advantages of retractable awnings. If this piece looks totally random (“20 Fast Facts About Kibbles Cat Food”), then what you’ll read here will probably surprise you. Here is a shotgun approach to the specifications and benefits of modern awnings to catch you up on why they are attracting a growing consumer base.

First, a quick disclaimer: As you read, you may wish certain points were explained in more detail. Since this article is a sort of “beach read” of awnings education, you won’t find a ton of background information here. But if you’d like to hear these facts expanded upon, feel free to check my site. And now, here are some quick and dirty facts about retractable awnings.

  1. They are, in essence, over-sized swatches of water-proof fabric stretched on a frame and attached to your house. This is what you might call simple brilliance.
  2. They need approximately 6 inches of open, lengthwise wall (or roof) space to be installed.
  3. These awnings can be unfurled or retracted in less than a minute–either by hand or automatically via a remote control.
  4. Recent models have weather sensors that automatically lower the awnings on bright, hot days and store them when a heavy rain storm or gale-force winds could damage them.
  5. A phrase all home and business owners love: “No maintenance?”
  6. By controlling sunlight, awnings serve a very useful function: they decrease heat and cut UV rays.
  7. Awnings serve as an outdoor expansion of your business or residential space–and Do It Yourself-types like to design “outdoor rooms” with awnings that extend the styles and colors of the building interior.
  8. If you own a business or manage properties, retractable awnings can expand your seating capacity and raise property values without the services of an architect or general contractor.
  9. Next time you’re downtown, look around: there’s an increasing trend to use awnings as commercial signage for businesses.
  10. Awnings positively affect the interior of your home. When installed over windows, they cut glare by 94 percent and exterior heat by 77 percent.
  11. That means that they bring down inside temperatures by 8 to 15 degrees and reduce air conditioning costs by 25 percent.
  12. When it comes to real estate, each dollar saved on utility bills translates into $10 to $15 of resale value. If you do the calculations, you see that awnings can add one to two thousand dollars of resale value to your home. And that’s a conservative estimate.
  13. Realtors say that a building’s outside appearance is a huge factor in home sales. Awnings give your home strong curb appeal.
  14. They also create unique new atmospheres. Have you ever had coffee and conversation “in the rain?” Ever lounged in a hot tub while snow drifts down around (but not on) you?
  15. Retractable awnings let you sun-bathe, eat in the shade, enjoy a sun-warmed autumn deck and watch the stars–all in the same space.
  16. They can be “strategically” used
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Houses: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Home Products & Services

The Best Home Improvement Products

A home of high standard. If you really want to own such a home one day, first get to learn what you suppose to have in order to get such a home. A home of high quality and standard

Are there products that can truly make your home look awesome? Sometimes it is an overwhelming thought to just how someone can acquire some of these improved product.

In general, just imagine how life could be made easier and simpler if you could be having the improved products within your homestead. If you in position on how you can really have some of these improved product with you , expect the rest to be history as they say.

Some of this steps are inevitable. Then your work with immense effort towards achieving such a home. If you strategically plan your priorities, you should expect nothing less of a success.

Or do you feel satisfied with the one you have? No matter the case, if you already have such a home then strive to make it look more awesome. You, therefore, have known otherwise than to make sure that you actualize your dream. The materials you use in construction should again be of good quality and high standard.

These security gadget will help to enhance the security of your home. This will still limit you the pressure of looking for someone to act as security personnel. You will have saved yourself a little money of doing this.

The furniture of your house should be of good quality. Goods positioning of some of the products should be enhanced properly. You will greatly improve the interior design of your house. Most things to run they should be sufficient supply of power.

Modern stuffs are of improved quality. This is why you should put emphasize on the use of modern stuffs in your kitchen. This is for your own good.

Make yourself improved sanitary system within your home. Same should be done to the bathrooms. This again will make your home have world-class status of.

You will not struggle to get new information of the new updates in your environment as everything is availed for you on internet. Have good access to recreational facilities within your homestead. You home should have good entertainment system in place.

This will guide you a lot on how to develop a nice home for yourself. If you do conduct a good research of your home. And for you to succeed with your plans of getting an attractive home, you first need to plan in advance in order to cushion all the cost before you jump start your idea.

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The Sims 4: Fixer Upper – Home Renovation | Prescott Farm

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Happy 20th episode of Fixer Upper! Today we renovate an old barn and convert it into a house. Want me to Fix Up your house? #fixmelilsimsie on the Sims 4 …

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Kitchen Remodeling

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Kitchen Remodeling

South Florida Kitchen Remodeling

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