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We test our self-control and put in a home “concession area”. How to take grandmas beat up coffee tables and give them new life. Ideas for making paneled loft a …


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Home renovations in perth

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Home renovations in perth

Million Dollar Makeovers cater to an elite clientele. This Company is considered to be the first choice for many homeowners in Perth.

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Basement Cabinet Design: What's Up for Downstairs?

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At one time, basements were viewed as nothing more than dungeons with climate control. Over the years, home owners and builders have gained a new appreciation for these spaces, adopting them as extra bedrooms, recreation centers and urban retreats. One of the secrets to success in making them work is strategic use of storage through proper cabinet design.

With their new found status as a center of activity, basements must maximize their square footage by minimizing mess. As demonstrated in other rooms, the right cabinet design is the perfect prescription for ACS (advanced clutter syndrome). If the end you seek is an attractive, efficient spot for your family to enjoy, basement cabinet design is a great place to start.

Build it (in) and They Will Come

For some basements that are either smaller in size or already filled with furniture, the cabinet design issue comes down to how you can add more storage space without adding more space. It sounds like one of those deep "if a tree falls in the forest" questions, but the answer is less substantial and more practical: Built-in storage. It's the perfect cabinet design to help you stow away items without making the room feel cluttered or closed in.

Best of all, you'll still have room for the necessities of life such as pool tables and big screen televisions. And if you do not think they're necessities, try taking them away and see how your spouse reacts.

Stow it & Show it

In spite of what rabid Pinterest users seem to feel, some things are best kept private. At the same time, you may want to show off those exquisite antiques and have everyday items within easy reach. To that end, wall-to-wall cabinet design offers a fine balance.

While open shelving displays decorative items or important files, a wealth of closed cabinetry stashes less "photogenic" items out of sight. Using a custom cabinet design that matches the entire unit to the walls and flooring will provide you with both style and practicality in one neat package; How many rooms can do that?

Make it a Double

When it comes to natural combinations, entertainment and storage go together like … okay, they really do not go together. That's about to change, though, thanks to some innovative cabinet design. More and more, the basement is becoming a prime entertainment area for both kids and adults, complete with televisions, video games, stereos and DVD players. So how do you keep your play space on track without it resembling a train wreck?

It sounds like a daunting task, but a two-in-one cabinet design is up to the challenge. In the middle, open shelves house all of your audio and video technology, while the underneath drawers in this cabinet design hold games, videos and books. Up above, little used items hide behind cabinet doors where they're out of sight yet still within reach when needed.

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Home Renovation Budget/ Plan / Interior Designs

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This video is about My Home Renovation Plan.

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Vacant Home Rescue Arizona California Home Improvement (41)

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Vacant Home Rescue Arizona California Home Improvement (41)

A Unique and 100% FREE Clean up & Preparation Service for Sellers of Vacant Homes

We deal in homes $40K and up, subject to safety inspection.

"Our goal is to help sustain or raise neighborhood values,
while making house hunting a safer and more rewarding environment for Realtors and buyers. We hope to help desperate home sellers prepare their homes for the market and avoid unnecessary heartache and fines. We believe our hard work and genuine passion for our company, will bring Realtors and homeowners the much needed solution to a very difficult problem. "

You are trying to decide if you should put your home up for short sale. You have left in a hurry, leaving no time to fix up the issues to get the home ready to be put on the market, nor do you have the time or the energy to put into a home you are being forced to sell. It could be the case you have finally been harassed and pushed over the edge by the bank and you just want out. The loan modification that once looked so hopeful isn’t sounding nearly as appealing as it did on TV and you don’t want to be in the same boat you’re in at this moment, three, four, five or six years from now….Or you could be the unfortunate landlord left with a property that tenants have destroyed, fines continuing to pour in from the HOA and the city. Your agent keeps telling you the utilities must be on for a home to be inspected and you know that the majority of buyers will pay to have the home inspected before buying it.

It could be that today while driving down the block to pick up your children from school, you start to notice how every vacant home you see has broken windows, overgrown grass, or green pools. You fear squatters may claim your home, you have already heard about the vandals stripping homes for copper, air conditioning units, cabinets and counter-tops. Not having these items, will make buyer s unable to qualify for an FHA loan – the most common type of financing – leaving you with even less options to sell.

Unfortunately what most sellers don’t know is depending on the bank, no matter what anyone tells you, a short sale can take
12 months or more to close. Also, remember when you are signing the seller documents at closing the bank will make you sign forms agreeing to pay taxes on the difference between what your house sells for (short sale) and what you owe. This can be pricey, meaning it’s better to obtain a higher offer for the home you are selling.

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