Basement Remodeling: Realizing Your Dream of Added Living Space

General Article

More living space is a luxury that many homeowners long for.  A practical and great way to achieve this without having to break down walls and the bank is seeing and using the potential of your basement.  Other than providing for a priced extension to your New York home making up for better everyday life and enjoyment for the household, it can also be your ticket to added home value.  If done right, a good amount of your investment can be recouped.  Here are crucial basement remodeling tips to realize your dream of an appealing and functional living space ideal whether you are in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island or Long Island.

Evaluate and Correct

Being partially or entirely underground and not having been originally constructed to serve as a living space, there are essential issues that should be attended to first to maximize comfort and functionality in your basement remodeling finish.  A thorough evaluation is crucial to know the extent of problems and what methods of repair should be undertaken.

Waterproofing. Moisture and water problems are common in basements.  There are obvious signs of such problems such as flooding but there are also those that are unnoticeable until you take a long, hard look.  Here are additional signs that you should be wary about:

    • Dry rot on wood and rust on metal
    • Damp spots
    • Water marks
    • Mold and mildew
    • Peeling paint
    • White chalky stains on walls

Different waterproofing methods apply for specific issues and these can range from simply coating concrete sealers, rerouting gutters and downspouts, to using sump pumps for excessive entry of water.

Foundation and Soil Condition. Securing that your foundation and soil are sound and in good condition will rule out chances of unexpected damages and repairs that might waste basement remodeling efforts and budget.  Some of the most common soil and foundation issues include:

  • Uneven settlement
  • Warped foundation walls
  • Cracks in walls, footings or slabs
  • Unpleasant odors or poor indoor air quality (IAQ) in general
  • Pest infestation
  • Radon infiltration
  • Crumbling concrete or mortar

Insulation and Ventilation.  Basements are generally constructed in concrete slabs which are among the greatest sources of moisture.  To prevent problems with moisture, proper insulation and ventilation should be ensured.

Basement Finish

There are many valuable resources that you can brose through for basement remodeling ideas.  But when thinking out what finish to aspire, you have to consider the needs and lifestyle of the family to land with a practical and often used extension of your home’s living space.  One tip would be taking advantage of the ready access to plumbing which makes an added kitchenette or bathroom ideal.

Basement Remodeling Plan

Working on recreating your basement into added living space is not your average renovation job.  Basement remodeling poses a lot more challenges.  So if you are not confident that you can handle the work efficiently, then one excellent step to add into your plan is finding and hiring a qualified contractor to give the most value for your money.  With your hired contractor, discuss your plan specifications, budget, and the possible options for you to take to achieve goals without busting the budget.  The key to save some is to work creatively with the challenges and integrating them into the design.