Basement Renovation Sample Contract

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Basement Renovation Sample Contract

Basement Renovation Sample Contract Provided by Contractor Quotes

Contractor Information

Company Name: ___________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________


Phone: (_____) – ______-________________

Cell:     (_____)-_______-________________

Email: _______________________________

Years in Business :___________ years

Insurance Company: _________________________________________

Policy #: __________________________________________________

Does your policy cover damage and theft of materials on site? Y / N

Are your Subcontractors insured? Y / N, Not Sure

Reference 1:   Name: ____________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________

Reference 2:    Name: ____________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________

Reference 3:    Name: ____________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________

What date can you start our basement renovation project?    Start Date:______________

How long will the basement renovation take to complete finished?   Date :_______________

Will detailed documents be provided stating your warranty for the basement renovation project including all work done by your subcontractors?   Y / N

Will you be responsible for pulling any and all permits required to complete the basement renovation to local building codes?  Y / N
If no please provide a reason why. _______________________________________________________________

Subcontractors Information

Please provide the company names and phone numbers of all subcontractors you plan to use on our basement renovation project.

Framer:  _____________________________________________________

Electrician: ___________________________________________________

Plumber: _____________________________________________________

Heating Cooling: _______________________________________________

Drywall: ______________________________________________________

Painting: ______________________________________________________

Flooring: ______________________________________________________

Cabinets: _______________________________________________

Countertop: ____________________________________________________

Will your company hire and be responsible for paying your subcontractors and suppliers? Y / N

Basement Renovation Details

Have detailed drawings including any new walls, bars, bathrooms and entertainment features been provided and approved?  Y / N

Will the Contractor be responsible for permits and inspections? Y / N

Will the Contractor remove all demolition material from the property? Y / N

How often will the work site be broom swept? ________________________

Are the stairs included in the basement renovation and have proper safety precautions been planned if the stairs are left unfinished during the renovation?__________________

What centers will any new framing consist of? __________________

How thick of drywall will be used on the walls? ____________________________

How thick of drywall will be used on the ceiling? _____________________

Are any support beams being removed or modified during the basement renovation?  

Y / N  _____________ . If yes have these changes to the structure in the home been approved by a certified engineer and please provide the company
name of the engineer that has approved these changes. _______________________________________

Mechanical functions of basement renovation

If there’s new appliances and lighting, will the existing service panel support these additions? Y / N     
if no, are the electrical upgrades included in the quote? Y / N

Will there be any changes to the electrical outlets , entertainment system or lighting fixtures?     Y / N

What is the Budget for lighting fixtures? __________________________

Is there a preferred company to purchase the lighting fixtures from? Y /N

If yes, company name _____________________________________

Is the HVAC system including any duct work changing? Y / N 

If yes, has a new even heat/cool analysis been completed to ensure the home doesn’t have hot or cold spots after the changes?

Are there any special features that are included and need to be picked out prior to proceeding with the basement renovation
i.e.  Central Vacuum, base boards, entertainment systems, fireplace etc.? Y / N

If yes, please provide details. ________________________________________________________________________

Are there any new plumbing features required to accommodate a new bathroom or kitchen? Y / N

Has the basement ever had known water or mould damage prior to the renovation? Y / N

If yes have proper steps been planned to prevent this from happening again and how will existing water and mould damage
be repaired or replaced? ______________________________________________________________________

Interior Finishing

Will the interior walls affected by the basement renovation be primed and painted? Y / N

Have paint colours been picked out and approved by the homeowner? Y/ N

Is there any trim work included in the quote? Y / N

If yes, please state the material of trim being used along with the number of windows, doors, crown molding and baseboard included in quote.
Case molding _________________________ ft
Crown molding ________________________ft
Base board ___________________________ft
Chair Rail ___________________________ft

What is the quoted budget for the flooring material ? _____________________________

Is there a preferred supplier to choose the flooring from? Y / N

If yes, the company name is _______________________________________________

How many square feet of flooring are being installed? ___________________sqft

Will there be a new subfloor or any leveling and repair needed to an existing concrete basement floor required prior to installing the new flooring? Y / N

If no, provide details _____________________________________________________

Payment Plans

How do you prefer the homeowner present any changes to their plans to you during the  basement renovation if they would like to do something different?

Material Cost $ ___________________
Labor Cost     $ ___________________
TOTAL         $ ___________________

Deposit required upon signing of contract _______________________

Payment Schedule

Payment 1: ____________________________ Amount $ _________________________
Payment 2:_____________________________Amount $ _________________________
Payment 3: ____________________________ Amount $_________________________
Payment 4:_____________________________Amount $_________________________

The homeowner of this project does not wish to be the lender on this project and as a result, an excessive deposit or a heavily front loaded payment schedule
will result in the rejection of this proposal. After the initial deposit if any at all, the homeowner expects to pay no more than the material and labor invested for a
satisfactory of performed work, withholding final payment until all professional and personal inspections have been completed.



This sample contract is provided by Contractor Quotes as a guide and the use of this document should be as such. It is recommended that you have this viewed by a lawyer to ensure that the document covers your home renovation and property in full. Contractor Quotes is not responsible for any loss or damages as a result of using this document