Bathroom Renovation Ideas For Old And Out-Dated Bathrooms

General Article

Renovating an older bathroom with newer fixtures, wall and floor coverings is not a new idea, but what is new is the abundance of products and businesses that allow us to improve features that are somewhat permanent. There are many bathroom renovation ideas that can accommodate anyone who is looking to revamp their bathroom.

Many older homes have bathtubs made of cast-iron, fiberglass or porcelain. These bathtubs are still structurally sound, but have become an eyesore. Some older tubs are chipped, scratched or stained beyond repair while others are an awful color like pink or lilac. Having an unsightly bathtub is like trying to ignore a 2-ton elephant in the room. Even if you try to keep it hidden behind a beautiful shower curtain or a glass door, it’s still there and you still see it every time you take a bath or shower. Buying a new bathtub is not that expensive, but keep in mind once you add the price of tearing out the old tub and repair to walls and floor, you will be looking at a chunk of change.

Take heart, because there are two very popular bathroom renovation ideas that avoid the entire hassle of tearing out your old bathtub and renovating it instead. The first very common practice is to purchase and have installed an acrylic shell that lays over your entire tub and up the walls. These shells are custom made for each tub enclosure. They install the unit over your original bathtub and fixtures, usually in a matter of a few hours. The new tub is just as solid and can be easily cleaned. One benefit of using this method is that it also covers up the walls and the old wall tile, as well. Nine times out of ten, if you have an old, chipped bathtub or one that is an unsightly color, you will also have tile that is displeasing as well. The average cost of these liners runs from $1200 to $3000, depending on if you choose to renovate the tub only or both the bathtub and the walls.

The other form of bathroom renovation ideas for older bathtubs that are still structurally sound is to have it re-glazed. This is a task that you can hire someone to do or you may choose to do it yourself. You can purchase everything you need to complete this project in your local home improvement store. This is best for tubs that have lost their luster and tend to be hard to clean. It is also a great choice for those “Ugly Betty” bathtubs, whose colors are so hideous that no matter how creatively you decorate around it, will never look as though it belongs in this century. The look of re-glazing a bathtub is very good and the new surface holds up surprisingly well. There is no replacing that feeling of inner joy when you see, for the first time, a lovely white or almond colored tub after having stared at that green or yellow monstrosity for years. Choosing to re-glaze your tub can run anywhere from $200 to $500, depending on if you choose to do it yourself or hire someone to do the project.