Bill Jadiker Duplex, Kemper Nomland Jr., Architect 1961; Arminda Diaz d3architecture (interiors) 2012

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Bill Jadiker Duplex, Kemper Nomland Jr., Architect 1961; Arminda Diaz d3architecture (interiors) 2012

In an April 25, 2012 interview Jadiker, now 93 years young, offered the following recollection, "Kemper Nomland, Jr was an architect, as was his father, Kemper Nomland Senior; together they designed modern residential housing. Kemper Nomland, Jr designed 1732 Silverlake Blvd, and Bill Jadiker built it circa 1951. There was a big sign “Jadiker Plumbing” – Jadiker’s plumbing business was there from 1953 to 1969. After that residence the building to the south, the office building and a duplex on top of that. Back in the same lot Jadiker built a 4 unit that Nomland, Jr designed. Annis Nin lived in one of the 4 units. This was around 1957. Jadiker built another Nomland, Jr building a three more unit in front of 1732 Silverlake Blvd in the late 60’s.

Jadiker worked with Neutra when his home called the Case Study house* on Silver Lake Blvd. A fire burnt part of the house down and Neutra only wanted Jadiker Plumbing to do the repair on the house. Neutra liked the kind of buildings that Jadiker was building. Jadiker plumbed the bathroom. There was no kitchen it was a study house in the front. Neutra would teach classes in architecture at the Case Study house. Students would march through the house and look at it. Neutra lived the with his son Dion, at residence in the back that didn’t get burnt.

At about that same time Jadiker and Nomland built an18 unit on Apex called the Apex Apartments. Bill Jadiker hired a builder to build the 18 units. The land was a double lot that was open and Bill Jadiker and Kemper Nomland Senior bought the lot. The lot was on a slope and they had to accommodate the slope by putting part of the building 8 or 9 steps below the top of the complex. They rented out fairly quickly people loved them.

Nomland then designed 2253 and 2255 Moore Street in the early 60’s. Jadiker saw these lots on Moore Street, a friend owned the lots and he sold them to Jadiker very reasonable price. One of the buildings, single story duplex (the western building) was on a slope and Jadiker had to go very deep to solid down for the foundation. Nearly 20 feet to hit solid earth for foundation. That was the only one foundation that we had to go that deep. Then the hill sloped up and we put a conventional foundation on the two story duplex. The two duplexes were built at the same time. The access going down was one of the steepest roads in LA. Nomland, Jr designed them with the view in mind.

There was another lot on Glendale Blvd just down the Edendale it was so steep, Jadiker bought in an engineer who subsequently rejected the plans because the lot was too steep, judging that it was not worth it and the whole thing would collapse."

The Jadiker Duplex is located at 2253 Moore Street in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

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