Choosing Bathroom Vanity, Mirrors and Lighting For Unique Decorating Ideas

General Article

There are many simple and affordable ways to update the look of your bathroom. By simply changing the vanity, adding new mirrors and light fixtures is a sure bet on increasing the value of a home, while enjoying the benefits of an updated bathroom.


Let's begin with the room style. Are you going for a traditional or contemporary look, or possibly a mix of both, more transitional? This is an important first step in developing your decorating plan.


The next step is to choose the vanity. The vanity will be the basis to build your decor around. Here are a few options to consider:

Custom Vanity

You can have a custom cabinet maker build a piece unique to your needs and size, finish, etc. This is ideal for almost everyone, though this is the most expensive alternative.

Pre-fabricated Vanity

Today's trend is using furniture style vanity pieces. These come prefabricated with hand carved moldings and solid stone tops, under mount ceramic sinks, and are usually pre-drilled for a faucet. This is an ideal choice for the do it yourselfer. If you are replacing an existing vanity and do not need to make any adjustments to the plumbing, this type of vanity can be moved into the space, and you can attach the existing plumbing to the new faucet fixture.

If you are remodeling a master bath, be sure to maximize your counter top space, as this is worthwhile, especially for women.


Vanity size will determine mirror size. The mirror should not extend beyond the outside edge of the vanity. If you have a double sink vanity and want a contemporary look, an unframed large single mirror that extends from the outer edge of the vanity will keep it simple. The best way to buy a frameless mirror is to have one custom cut from a glass company so that you can get the maximum size your space will allow. For a traditional look, use two single oval mirrors hung over each bowl.

To add character, considering choosing two different mirrors to hang over the individual bowls – this is a great way to express your individuation based on which side of the vanity you use.

Light Fixtures

How much natural light is in the existing room? The basic light fixture styles for bathrooms include over the mirror vanity fixtures and wall sconces, which are mounted on the sides of the mirror above a vanity. Recessed ceiling lights provide general lighting for the room.