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Interesting Facts about Log Homes To start with, you must be familiar with the various types of log homes existing today. Each type of log homes have different sizes and shapes. The log itself is also composed of different materials. You must begin by searching for the kind of log home that is most pleasing to you. Log homes are categorized into two. These are the handcrafted and the milled log homes. The following is a guideline on how to choose the best category of log home for your living. Handcrafted log homes are the simplest mainly because they were manually constructed by carpenters. Handcrafted log homes are made by stacking a certain type of log in a vertical manner in order to create the pillars of the house. A milled log home is quite different because its logs are created in a more refined manner than handcrafted ones. There is a striking resemblance between the two log homes though. There is an extensive labor required to construct a log home that is handcrafted. Handcrafted log homes are even create through large logs unlike the milled homes which utilize smaller ones. However, many homes today are of the milled log home category. If you can notice rounder logs in a home, it only means that it is handcrafted. Round chinking can also be noticed to fill the gap of the stacked logs. Today, there is an acrylic product that helps expand or contract different kinds of woods. Oftentimes, it is painted in the outer part of the log in a vertical pattern. You can best discern a milled log home from a handcrafted one by checking if there are any gaps in between logs because if there aren’t any, it only means its milled.
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Your log home should be as presentable as possible so that it will create a good impression to you, especially in your neighborhood. You must be careful in choosing the kind of wood that you will be using for your log home. If you prefer to get handcrafted homes, you must start looking for logs that have different sizes.
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After getting the right amount of logs, you or an expert will then carefully stack the logs until a structure has been created. Milled logs are easier to stack though, if you want to go for milled log homes. It is important to note that milled log homes are not as appealing as handcrafted homes. Handcrafted homes are much more appealing than the milled ones. If you are looking for a geometric interior design for a log home, it is best that you go for milled log homes. You can start today by hiring log home builders to materialize your plans. Make sure that you already have a lot to build your ideal log home.