Home Invasion Schemes

General Article

Home invasion is a huge threat to homeowners these days. This is when a person breaks into a house while the occupants are at home. Their intentions can vary from simple robbery to bodily harm, which is why it is essential for homeowners to understand the various schemes people will use to get inside. This way, they can take the proper steps to avoid becoming a victim.

Here are several scenarios that people intend on getting into a house could try to use to gain the trust of homeowners.

1. Someone in a uniform comes to the door and tells the homeowner that he has been informed that there is a gas leak, cable malfunction, or phone service disruption in the area and that he needs access to your house to repair the problem.

2. Someone in a uniform comes to the door and tells the homeowner that he has a delivery of some kind for someone in the house. This could be flowers, a package, or a telegram.

3. Someone comes to the door to inform the homeowner that someone in the house has won a contest or a prize of significant value.

4. Someone comes to the door and tells the homeowner the he or she is raising money for a worthy cause or a charity.

5. Someone comes to the door and says he or she is having car trouble or is otherwise in danger and wants to use the homeowner's telephone or restroom.

Of course, not everyone coming to the door is intent on doing someone harm, but in today's world it is better to be safe than sorry. Home security companies recommend taking the following steps to ensure that an unauthorized person does not enter a home.

1. Exterior doors should be solid core and equipped with heavy duty locks and strike plates.

2. A home security system should be installed and always armed, even if the homeowner is at home.

3. All doors, windows, and garage doors should be locked at all times.

4. Prior to opening the door to anyone, verify his or her credentials through the peephole.

5. Keep the porch light on for better viewing.

6. Do not open the door even partway using a chain lock.

7. Do not open the door to anyone unknown.

8. Contact police if suspicious activity is noted from a person at the door.

9. Notify neighbors of anyone stranger in the neighborhood.

10. Make sure the entire family is on the same page with regard to home security.

These suggestions can help keep strangers from entering a house through the front door. There are other security features that can assist with the process, but using common sense is one of the best tools homeowners have.