Hot Trends in Basement Remodeling

General Article

Many people are starting basement remodeling projects to add some much-needed living space to their homes. Some simply want a place to enjoy a bit of solitude, while others are welcoming members to their home and want them to stay in comfort. Here are just a few of the ideas that homeowners have put in motion.

Expanding in Style
We have seen instances were people have gone all out in order to turn their underground spaces into destination spots for friends and family members. Adding squash courts, underground spas, bowling alleys, and even movie theaters is not unheard of. While it obviously takes quite a bit of money to do extravagant things like this, it is actually much less expensive than buying a new home. If you love your house and do not want to leave, yet neighborhood regulations keep you from embarking on an ambitious above ground renovation, then you may want to consider a "trophy" basement remodeling project.

This area of ​​a home is, by its very nature, poorly lit. That is why any sort of below ground renovation will need to place a high premium on illumination. Many people choose recessed lighting because they do not want fixtures hanging from an already-low ceiling. However, a recent trend is to incorporate accent lighting to art and bookshelves. Not only is it functional, it also does a great job of highlighting some of your most prized possessions.

If you are looking to make this space feel cozy while still looking stylish, think about painting the walls and ceiling the same color. On the other hand, if you are planning a more expansive project, consider using black paint. This may not seem to be particularly inviting, but you'll be surprised at how larger it will make your space feel. If you want to create a sense of height, make sure to use lighter colors on the floor and ceiling. Do not forget to use the same color trim that you have through your house for consistently.

Storage Options
The typical function of the basement of a home is for storage. Basically, it is where people put old stuff they do not need, but do not want to throw away. However, if you are planning a basement remodeling project, you will obviously need to find a place to store those belongings. One popular solution is to build storage shelves. Not only will you be better organized, you will not have to deal with all the clutter.

These ideas just scratch the surface of the many fascinating basement remodeling ideas that are currently being used in homes everywhere. You should talk to a renovation expert to see which trends mesh best with the type of space you want to design. Doing so will provide you with the best chance to have a viable foundation that will provide years of functionality and enjoyment.