How Do You Judge the Quality of Soft Bath Towels?

General Article

If you were to ask the average person how to measure the quality of a set of sheets and they will usually know that the answer is by the thread count. Ask the exact same person how to measure the quality of a set of luxury bath towels and they are likely to give a puzzled look and a shrug of the shoulders. Soft luxury towels, just like a set of sheets have a quantitative measurement that can be used to judge their quality. That measurement is the gram weight per square meter.

The higher the gram weight the softer, more absorptive and luxurious the towel will be. A soft, plush cotton towel would have a gram weight in the 600’s. A towel with a gram weight in the 700’s would be even softer and suppler and these would be considered luxury bath towels while the softest and most luxurious towels would have a gram weight of 800 or more. You should choose the highest gram weight you can afford if you are looking for soft luxury towels either for your own home or as a gift for a friend or family member. There is no substitute for quality and you will find that with proper care luxury bath towels hold up the best even after extended use and multiple washings.

Soft towels are one of life’s simple pleasures as well as being a necessity for everyday use. You have to shower or bathe everyday so taking a small step to make that as pleasant an experience as possible helps put more joy into your life. Once you step out of the bathroom in the morning you will be faced with the sometime stressful and harsh realities of life, but while you are in there you can imagine yourself at a luxury spa drying off with a luxury towel after a nice hot sauna.

Now that you know that the way to judge the quality of soft bath towels is by the gram weight you will never settle for “lightweight” towels again. The experience of enjoying soft luxury bath towels is something you don’t want to miss.