How to keep your home cool in the summer heat

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Maybe your house has natural ventilation, but for certain areas and hotter countries such as Australia the heat of the environment around urban homes means natural ventilation is sometimes not enough.

The main options for cooling these days are air conditioners and fans. Air conditioners are a more powerful cooling appliance but they do have more negatives than fans. Air conditioners draw a lot of electricity meaning in self sufficient homes and for those wanting to keep their power bill down this is not a great option. Air conditioners also require regular specialised servicing and repairs can be very costly. Alternatively fans move the air providing a breeze at a low electrical cost many only draw as much power as a 60W light bulb, not much compared to the huge draw of around 2000W of an air conditioner. Then if fans do break, repairs and replacement are also much much cheaper.

There are many options for smaller portable fans which you can move from area to area, to get effective use from these they do usually need to be placed fairly close to your person in order to get any benefit. A better option to cool an entire room down is to install a ceiling fan which moves a much larger volume of air and can be felt throughout the room.

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Ceiling fans must be installed by a professional but still work out much cheaper than an air conditioner, there is a huge range of ceiling fans available in Australia these days and more and more options are added regularly so that you can always find one that suits your budget and design aesthetic. There are some very stylish all black fans available as well as interesting leaf shaped ones and standard white options are available too of course.

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Tips for choosing the right ceiling fans, a big part of narrowing down your choices of ceiling fans is going to be price, once you have decided on your budget and the amount of rooms you would like to install fans and also factored in the installation price you will have your ceiling fan budget. This will show you which fans are available in your budget, next you can look at style, it is important to match the fan to the rest of the house, a simple white metal fan will fade into a white ceiling and not be a feature whereas a fancy wooden palm leaf shaped fan will really stand out and capture visitors attention so you can decide whether you want it to be a feature or not. The middle ground is something like a silver or black fan where it is more modern and stylish but will also not draw the eye too much. When choosing the colour you can match it to other appliances, tapware, electrical fittings and trims so if you have black tapware or black light switches then a black fan will tie in nicely.

Another important factor to be aware of is ceiling height and length of fan. If you have low ceilings you will be restricted which fans you can choose as it is illegal for a fan to be less than 2m from the floor to the fan blades and along with this the fan also needs to be at least 300mm away from the ceiling this reduces the danger of people being hit by the fans. This also can mean that in some rooms 2 smaller ceiling fans may work out better than one large one.

A ceiling fan is an excellent choice for keeping your home cool during the australian heat wave, use these tips to choose the best one for your home.