How to Make Your Husband Want to Come Home and Be With You – Advice For Wives

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Have you ever wondered how to make your husband want to come home and be with you? Many of us feel a bit frustrated and rejected when our husband spends too much time with his friends or at work. It’s also beyond unbearable if your husband has decided that he needs a bit of time away from you and is bunking with a friend or has taken to staying at a hotel.  If you love your husband and you simply want to spend more time with him so you can rebuild the relationship, there are things you can do, on your own, to make that happen.

Learning how to make your husband want to come home begins with letting him go. As much as you want to nag your husband into spending more time with you, that’s not going to work. Typically when a woman pressures a man into something he’s going to resist. Sometimes in a relationship one partner just needs a bit of room and that can be very difficult for us, as women, to understand. Your husband will feel more respected and loved if you give him what he needs. Some time apart is not going to end the relationship. It actually may be enough to make him miss you.

Also, don’t overlook the power of working on yourself if you’re faced with a situation in which your husband isn’t as interested or attentive as he once was. It’s easy to want to work at changing your husband’s mind by communicating verbally with him, but it may be worth it to try a more subtle approach. Think back to how you were when you two first married. He fell madly in love with you then. You need to work on rediscovering those qualities in yourself that he loved so much early in your marriage. Let him see for himself that you are still the same woman he wanted to spend his life with.