How to Renovate a Glass Dining Table

General Article

Usually, glass dining tables are very sturdy pieces of furniture. The glass material used as table top is specially made to tolerate a large amount of weight compared to a regular type of glass. Any thermal-controlled and tempered glass is defiant to any crushing into pointed, small pieces. However, they are nor resistant to the daily wear and tear. The glass tables are still prone to scrapes, scratches, and cuts. These kinds of cracks and deep scratches are difficult to restore. Fortunately, there is still a way for you to recover the lovely appearance of the glass if it has been scratched, smudged or clouded. So here is a topic about glass dining sets.

In trying to renovate the glass dining table, there are a few materials that you will have to prepare. The following items include a glass polish kit, ruler, glass reviving kit, protective eye goggles, drill, and a rubber or latex protective gloves. The renovation and replacement of glass are two different and separate processes. In renovating the furniture top, you need to purchase a glass-polishing product. Most of the glass polish can be found and bought online so you may want to look through the internet. Some examples of these items are Caswell Glass Polishing Kit and Janvil Glass Restore. Using glass polish is not a guarantee that it will remove hollow and cracked areas on the table top. On the contrary, it can eliminate some stains and scrapes that come from hard water as well as slight surface dents. Once you have bought the product, apply the solution supplied by the kit. The kit usually includes a ready-to-use container solution or powdered polish that will be combined with water. The chemicals present in the polish works by soothing the surface of the table. With the surface relaxed, the rough compound and polishing pad can easily reduce the nicks and upgrade the entire form of the glass. After you have sprayed the solution, briskly rub the marks where the flaws and blotches are found. Use the slightly abrasive sponges or drill-bit accessories that are available in the kit. The drill accessory is basically used only for hollow scuffs that can be felt with the fingertips approximately .004 inches in depth.

As for the replacement process of the tempered glass, this is the option when there is no other way of restoring the cracks and damages. It is the single way of repairing any serious damage in a glass dining table. You can find some replacement from local hardware shops or go through online that sell small bits of tempered glass. You can even find some online store that allows you to customize the shapes of the glass such as the One Day Glass. Select shapes that you prefer. You can choose shapes like squares, circles, rectangles, oval, octagon, and round-corner square. When you have picked the shape, you can now choose the dimensions, edgework, tint, and thickness of the material. Make sure to get a thicker kind of glass so it will be more resilient and long lasting. Renovating glass dining table is important to establish sturdier dining furniture. Consistent cleaning every after meal is also one way of preventing nicks and cuts. So try to purchase your own dining room furniture now.