How to Stop Your Basement From Getting Wet

General Article

Does your basement get wet, damp or flood when it rains or snows?

Does your basement always seem to have a wet, damp "film" on the walls or floor?

Is there a musty smell in your cell?

If so, you need to address a few problems to keep your foundation from being destroyed and to keep mold from growing and effecting your health.

1. Fix Cracks

Cracks in your home's foundation can lead to water getting inside. The cracks can be on the outside part of the wall (this is the part of the wall that is in the ground).

When the foundation or basement develop cracks on the outer walls, water will push its way in, drip down to the base of the wall and will weaken the cement, stone, brick or cinder block. This lets water literally eat away at the foundation. Soon, cracks will form on the inside walls or floor.

This is very dangerous for your home. Small cracks grow quickly and, if left untreated, can lead to foundation collapse.

Having a professional deal with the cracking can keep water out of your basement so that it will be dry.

2. Drain Your Yard

Drainage in your yard, near your foundation and even in your driveway is key to keeping your foundation strong and foundation dry.

Water from rain, irrigation, snow, etc. that is allowed to sit on the ground will cause the soil to expand and put pressure on the walls. Over time, this pressure cracks the walls and floor, causing flooding and mold growth.

Simply putting in better drain can help keep your home dry and has the added benefit of keeping your driveway crack free as well.

3. Treat Mold, Dry the Basement

Mold can affect your health. It can cause major damage to your lungs, heart, brain and skin. Even a little mold is a problem because it will continue to grow and spread as long as moisture is present. A dry basement is a mold-free basement!

When a professional addresses the cracks, drain and moisture, mold can then be killed. Jut make sure that mold's spores are filled as well, otherwise it can return.

If you can get water away from your home, there's less pressure on the foundation. Less pressure means no cracking. When you have the existing cracks fixed, water can not enter the home. No water, no mold. Make sure your contractor addresses all three issues and you'll enjoy a dry, mold free home for years to come.