Inexpensive Kitchen Remodel Ideas

General Article

Remodeling your kitchen to transform it to an elegant and modern kitchen does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Most people feel that unless they spend thousands upon thousands, they are not going to end up with a beautiful modern kitchen. This document is meant to give you few kitchen remodel ideas to transform your kitchen to that modern looking kitchen you always dreamed of without making you go bankrupt.
The most important thing that people notice when they enter the kitchen is the kitchen counter top. Contrary to the popular belief, you can buy a very nice laminate counter top for about $60-$70 at your local stores or bigger shops such as home depot or Lowes. Some stores free of charge will cut the counter-top so that your sink can fit through; some others may charge you very little for this task. However, cutting the counter top is not a difficult task as the sink edge will hide small imperfections that may result from the cutting process. However, if you feel that you are not able to accomplish this task on your own, just look for a store that would do this task for you.
Another inexpensive kitchen remodel idea is to re-face or replace your cabinet doors. Even though cabinet doors are some what pricy, it is far less expensive than replacing your entire cabinets. You can find cabinet doors about $30-$40. Here is what you need to do. Replace or re-face your cabinet doors with modern cabinet doors of your choice. Pay attention so that the color you choose matches well with your counter top. Most cabinet doors are of standard size; however, if your cabinets are not standard size, you may have to order the correct size cabinet doors. You will then need to stain the top and bottom of your cabinets to match the color of your new cabinet doors. Fear not, this task is not as difficult as it sounds. You approach this in the same way as you would paint your drywalls. The first think is to sand the edges to create a smooth surface before applying the stain. If you are doing this for the first time, it is recommended that you try staining a scrap piece of plywood just to get a feel for it.
Another inexpensive kitchen remodel idea is replacing old cabinet door knobs with trendy new knobs. The cabinet door handles or knobs are fairly inexpensive you can buy a bag of 10 door handles for around $10-$15. Even though this seems like a very small investment, it greatly contributes to the overall image and appeal of your kitchen. Again, we can see that kitchen remodeling does not have to be an expensive project.
Lighting in your kitchen is another important feature that impacts the look and image of your kitchen. Pot lights are in fashion and apart from the fact that they make your kitchen look modern, they are also very inexpensive. I don’t recommend you doing any electrical work if you are not a certified electrician or have never done any electrical work in the past. You need to hire a qualified electrician to run the wiring for you but you can tell the electrician where you would like the pot lights to be installed. You can rent the equipment that puts the hole in your ceiling for pot lights from home depot for about $50 a day.
Once all your work is done, make sure you give your new kitchen a new paint job as they say a paint job can do wonders. finally, sit back and enjoy your new beautiful kitchen.