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Kitchen remodeling  , if you’re considering doing a kitchen remodeling project , I have quite a bit of information for you that could help you in the process . The first thing that you need to decide when you’re considering doing a kitchen remodeling project in the Charlotte area is whether to do the project yourself or whether to employ a general contractor to help coordinate with the subcontractors in getting the work done . This decision is a critical decision because it will affect your entire project and will affect the cost of your project considerably . If you have some construction experience or some knowledge of the trades whether you of work is a plumber or electrician or maybe as a sheet rock installer or other trade you have valuable knowledge and insight that may be able to be used in the coordination of the different trades and to help save you money and the costs associated with hiring a general contractor . General contractors are basically just people that have been involved in the construction trade over many years and have decided to get a general contractor’s license for the purpose of facilitating the coordination of construction project for private individuals . That being the case they are knowledge of the construction industry is really the primary factor that makes him qualified to come on board and act as a general contractor .

That having been said many times the general contractor that you may hire may or may not be intimately involved with the processes that actually go on during your construction or remodel project . What I mean by this is that just because a general contractor has knowledge and experience in a certain trade or in the construction industry as a whole that does not mean that he will be a competent general contractor with attention to detail that effectively overseas each individual trade and is meticulous in the way that he deals with certain problems  that are bound to arise with your Charlotte kitchen remodeling project . Many general contractor simply hire the subcontractors and really don’t take any active part in ensuring that the quality of each individual contractor is held up to a standard . They leave that to you and only when a customer complains does the contractor step in actually make something right or force another trade or subcontractor to come in and fix a problem that should have been directly handled by him prior to the owner’s inspection . One can run it is considerable headaches when dealing with a general contractor as you expect him to be running the job and many of them will simply come in and provide a list of subcontractors to be used for the project contact the subcontractors give them minimal oversight and let them come in and run amok on the job . Other general contractors will come in and try to do much of the work themselves . This is fine except when it comes to plumbing electrical HVAC or other licensed skilled related trades where is absolutely imperative that you have a licensed and skilled individual come in and not just some glorified handyman with a contractors license . So for the sake of this article we are going to say that you have some experience in management and/or the construction industry and you’ve decided to act as your own general contractor over your project . That being the case that there are some things that you’ll need to know and some very valuable advice that I could pass along to you . One of the first things that you’re going to need to do is compile a list of subcontractors and get bids for your job. I would highly recommend driving through the neighborhood that you live in that you’re going to do the construction or remodeling project in and see if there are any other houses that are being remodeled or having new construction done on them . You can many times roll onto a jobsite and pick up four or five cards of competent subcontractors doing their work and at the same time you can look at the type of work that they’re doing and meet the person in a 5 to 10 minute mini interview .

By using this method you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble if you drive around for one day and hit four or five houses that look like they are having some significant remodeling done on them you can compile a pretty large list of potential subcontractors in a very short amount of time. Charlotte kitchen remodel , If the concept of stopping by a house that seems to be under construction or that seems like it’s having a large amount of remodeling work done on it seems intimidating to you please don’t be intimidated by this at all . Just don’t show up in a brand-new Hummer or a Lexus SUV as you will be looked at as if you were a real a tour . The best thing to do is to drive a Ford SUV or better yet a pickup truck , and simply pull up in front of the house and knock on the door or just walk in . Provided that there are two or three trucks outside where men are doing work on the project the house in the owner’s will have become used to people simply pulling up outside and walking in and people coming in and out of their home as the workers have to walk in and out of the home to go back and forth to their trucks . Also you will find many times that the homeowners are not even there and you could walk in look around and no one will think twice about . As many times the homeowners will have called different contractors to come over and do bids on certain types of projects in the home and these certain contractors knowing that it’s a jobsite will walk in with their clipboard and tape measure walkaround get the information that they need and walk out and never having said anything to the electrician or the plumber who are there doing some sort of work who could care less about this person walking around with a clipboard. Once you’ve compiled a pretty good list of subcontractors the you will be using for your job , the next step is to get quotes from them on the particular work that you want to have done . Paramount in this process is having a detailed list and description of exactly what you want done and where . Now if you don’t know where to get a detailed comprehensive list of exactly what you want for your Charlotte kitchen remodeling project and If you don’t know what you want done and you’re expecting the contractor or subcontractor to somehow help you design the kitchen or at the backsplash or the granite countertops this is a big misconception . These trade men are not designers they expect you to tell them exactly what you want and they will install it for you . So how do you get your design ideas and how do you get the layouts for the different design ideas that you may come up with . Well the majority or the major part of your kitchen renovation will be the cabinetry and lighting design . So you can go to places like the Home Depot Lowes and the local cabinet shops in the local Charlotte area and they will show you different design plan opportunities as far as the cabinet layout . This will be a huge step for you as when you determine the cabinet layout you pretty much determine the entire layout of the kitchen . You can get various different stores to drop 3-D models for you as they have the software available in the stores are actually productive or design ideas for you . You are not using these people without them getting something out of it as they are all employees that work for company .

These companies are going to be sorted by you based on the type of kitchen design that they produce . Therefore the company that creates the best kitchen design for your project may end up actually getting your work . If you’re truly on a tight budget you can get this excellent kitchen design from the certain store and then go about finding the materials and the installers from another source if this company they gave you the original bid decided to put in some extra money therefore whatever they might be trying to get extra money for . In any case you end up with four or five different designs for your new kitchen remodel and you don’t have to really do anything except spend your time to go sit down with the representatives at the different stores and ask for them . Many of these individuals will actually come out your house the measurements and present you with a complete package bids for the installation and the supplies to do the remodeling aspect of the cabinetry work . You of course again can then use whoever you want to do it and or take the ideas that they’ve given you and expand or extrapolate on them and find different materials of the same court like types for significantly lower prices and other locations potentially . One thing is for sure if you go to one source such as the Home Depot or Lowe’s and have them get your entire project and they do the installation and the material provisions you will usually end up paying more than if you bought these individual things from other people piece by piece or bit by bit except of course the cabinetry for your Charlotte kitchen remodeling project. On the note of cabinetry their certainly considerable amount of money to be saved simply by using pressboard construction cabinets with plywood construction on the outer layers of the cabinetry . That way the only way that you see the pressboard is if the countertops are not on and the parts that really matter are plywood construction . If you’re planning on living in the home for 30 years or if you have up larger budget certainly all plywood construction cabinets are the best way to go . Now once you’ve gotten a good idea for your new design layout plan for your kitchen , you can make a final decision on which one it is that you want to use . You can now go to all the subcontractors that you’ve contacted and give them the blueprints or drawings that the different home improvement stores have given you . You can detail out in a text document the exact aspects of each individual’s responsibility . By detailing each individual’s responsibility you can cut down on arguments and/or extra charges in the long run . If you are not sure of what their particular responsibilities will be as far as they overall project you can simply give them the drawings and ask them to draw up a detailed and comprehensive quote for you that details each individual item that they will be doing in a description of what exactly it is that they will do and how they will do it and what materials will provided to do it . If the individual subcontractor is unwilling to sit down and drop a detailed list of exactly what he thinks it will take and put prices on each one of these things this could be up fundamental primary step in eliminating as far as that contractor is concerned . Now moving forward with your kitchen remodeling project . The first thing that you have to do is a demo work to give her the existing cabinetry flooring and lighting .

These items are best done by at a daily were company or by you and your friends as it takes absolutely no skilled knowledge at all in doing demolition work this is a good opportunity to save yourself a lot of money , go in and get the kitchen completely to give yourself a blank canvas on which to create your new fabulous Charlotte kitchen remodeling project . After the demo work is done the first thing that you want to do is get your for new flooring down , I say to do a flooring first because that way all you’re cabinetry will sit on the floor and you won’t have cabinets that are sitting on subfloor with it flooring system built around it . This as well save you money with the hardwood flooring guy and or brick paving guy and/or tile installer as they do not have to cut around all the cabinetry they are simply tiling a square room . And you of course should bring this to their attention , and request a discount for the fact that it is simply a square room with nothing to cut around , this should save you roughly about 30% on the installation of whatever flooring you may decide to put in . Secondly the lighting should be considered , recessed lighting undercabinet lighting pendant lighting , over cabinet lighting , and any wiring necessary to be installed with the new kitchen cabinet layout should be addressed at this time , right around the same time you want to address in the plumbing changes that may need to take place in association with the new cabinet layout  ssues that are associated with the new cabinet layout  tat you can move on to the installation of the cabinetry . After the installation of the cabinetry would come the countertops and you’re moving towards the completion of your Charlotte kitchen remodeling project . Well I hope you found this information valuable and please forgive the many typos or misplaced words inside this blog text . Tom harp Providence electric Charlotte kitchen remodeling