Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich – Does it Work?

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There’s so much hype on the internet these days, regarding every subject you can imagine; even Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich doesn’t escape. When people claim Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is the best self help book in the world, can you believe this is true, does it really work or is it just yet more internet hype?

The statistics about Napoleon Hill’s best selling book can’t be relied on either because many websites say that 30 million copies of Think and Grow Rich have been sold yet other sources claim it is more like 60 million. Some of the book reviews say Think and Grow Rich is a book about money? If they think that, then the reviewers obviously haven’t read Napoleon Hill’s classic work!

So; the question is; “Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich – Does it Work?” The only way I can answer this question is by sharing with you, some of my own life experiences. To illustrate this, I will need to explain a little about my background, if you will be tolerant with me for a few moments.

Having come from a broken home, I lived in bed-sits and rooming houses until I was about 25 years old. This was the time when I got married and tried to settle down. Not long after getting married I went into business with a couple of guys I knew.

At first the business went pretty well. We won a number of decent contracts and started to make some money. However, my partners soon bought flashy cars and announced they could pick up more business at the golf course than they could by sitting in an office. It wasn’t long before the company was spending far more money than we were earning.

At about the same time I discovered my wife was having an affair with one of our employees. Can you believe it; when I confronted the guy and sacked him, he took me to the industrial tribunal for unfair dismissal.

This was just about the lowest point my life ever descended to. With my company collapsing I was at loggerheads with my business partners. My home life was crumbling and I started to have panic attacks and was seriously contemplating suicide. I very soon became homeless; jobless and broke with massive debts; this inevitably led to me rapidly becoming friendless too.

It was about 20 years since I’d had any regular contact with my father; I felt that he was part of the “conspiracy” against me, plotting to make me miserable. However, running out of options, I decided to look him up and he was none too pleased to see me. By this time he was remarried, with a young family and to come across me in such a wretched state was an embarrassment to him.

He fed me and let me stay for a week and on the first night, gave me a tatty little book called “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. He said, “Read this, you never know, it may change your life!”

With nothing else to do, I spent the next seven days in my room reading the book over and over again and things started to make sense to me. Since that date, I dip into Think and Grow Rich just about every day for inspiration.

After the week of reading Napoleon Hill’s little book there was no going back to despair, self pity and panic attacks. I began developing positive thoughts that turned into strong burning desires. This gave me hope and faith in myself which gave me back my self esteem.

It wasn’t long before I secured a good job and my massive credit card debt was replaced by a manageable loan. So, is this the end of the story, settled down at last? No chance!

The company I worked for was taken over by a multinational conglomerate and in their program of streamlining the business; I was destined for the scrapheap, yet again. Once I heard redundancies were on the way, I didn’t wait for the axe to fall in the hope of getting severance pay; I gave my notice and declared I was going into business on my own.

The next six months were probably the most challenging I’ve ever faced in my life. Some folks were a great help to me and I will be for ever indebted to them. Others people were deceitful and took advantage of someone so vulnerable. Despite all the tribulations, the business became successful.

What was different from just a few years earlier? How did I prosper this time with greater challenges than those that broke me before? What had changed? What was different?

It was my ATTITUDE that had changed! With my new positive mental attitude Instead of fearing challenges, I welcomed them!

The business I started in 1984 is still flourishing today. We have challenges and setbacks of course but for more than 25 years the inspiration Napoleon Hill gave me in the pages of Think and Grow Rich steered me through.

Did reading Napoleon Hill’s book change my life for the better? Yes, it most certainly helped me. Was it a one off ‘light bulb moment’ that turned my life round in an instant? No, of course it didn’t.

Reading Think and Grow Rich over and over for a whole week was definitely a pivotal moment in my life. However, it was only one small first step in the right direction after I had been running full tilt in the wrong direction for years. Napoleon Hill opened my eyes to a whole spectrum of information and thought processes that I didn’t even know existed.

So to return to my opening question, “Napoleon Hill; Think and Grow Rich – Does it Work? Well it unquestionably did for me! It gave me hope and faith that life could get better and it still does every day.