Remodeling Your Daughter's Bedroom

General Article

When most adults think back to happy memories from their childhood, they can not help but think of times spent playing outdoors. If your child enjoys making memories of her own in nature, why not bring a bit of the outdoors straight indoors – to their bedroom, to be exact!

If you have bought gifts for girls in the last few years, you already know that butterflies are very popular at this time! If your daughter enjoys the look of butterflies, begin dreaming up ways to bring them into her bedroom. An easy way to accomplish this would be by adding a mural featuring butterflies either in the sky or even in a field. If you are artistically talented, you will probably find this an easy scene to recreate on your child's wall. If you lack the talent to draw a mural freehand, consider using stencils or stamps to achieve a mural that will look professionally done.

If butterflies on the wall are not possible in your decor scheme, consider bringing the theme into the room through other items such as butterfly-themed bed linens. Butterflies can also be found on many other room elements ranging from curtains and valances to picture frames, wall art, etc. One of the most popular ways to add butterflies to a room is by attaching clips to small faux butterflies and affixing them to various structures in the room including bulletin boards, curtains or even lampshades. For a truly beautiful look, consider hanging the faux butterflies from thin fishing line that will be virtually invisible to the naked eye. This simple addition to your daughter's room will give the impression that beautiful butterflies are fluttering around her entree bedroom! If butterflies are not your daughter's favorite insect, consider recreating this entire design using bees, dragonflies or ladybugs as your design staple. Add a large flower shaped area rug or a couple of smaller flower shaped rugs to the bedroom and your daughter will feel like she has captured the wonders of the outdoors right in her very own bedroom.

If your daughter is using hand-me-down furniture from an older sibling or cousin, consider incorporating the cottage style into her room decor. Paint the furniture white or ivory and then use light colors such as sky blue, pale green, light pink, etc. to complement the white backgrounds. If your daughter prefers brighter colors, keep the furniture white but use bright greens and blues to still keep the cottage feel inside the room. Be sure to use your fabrics to your advantage, sometimes creating curtains or valances from gingham fabric or adding brightly colored flokati rugs to the floor of her bedroom.

If you need design inspiration, find a photo you like in a book or magazine and then begin following the decorator's lead. Keep in mind that, while you will have to buy some materials and supplies to create these looks, you can often use items you already own to get the design started. Trust your instincts; with a little paint, stencils and fishing line, you will easily harness the beautiful outdoor and bring them straight to your daughter's bedroom.