Renovate Your Bathroom in a Green Way

General Article .. & .. green. The word has really become quite important today in the perspective of increasing danger of global warming. We need to protect our resources and ensure that a minimum is wasted, and better if the wasted ones are recycled as well. So the entire focus is on saving the natural resources, be it the construction of your bedroom or renovation of the bathroom. Government and some private organizations like green building association are working towards it and helping residential communities, Realtors, and individuals.

Bathroom is the place of solitude where one wants to feel relaxed in a healthy and hygienic environment. The bathroom remodeling may be the initial step of your home renovation. In such blue economy situation, saving money is the top priority while considering bathroom renovation. There is no greater way of adding value to your bathroom than a greener way. The most predominant benefit of green bathroom remodeling is saving of water and energy resources.

Renovation with Recycled Materials

A number of bathroom hardware made of recycled materials are becoming popular like tiles, vanities and flooring. The use of recycled fixtures like renovated counter-tops and sinks encourages green bathroom remodeling and save your valuable money as well as conserve natural resources. The old fashioned claw foot tubs are regaining its popularity and might be a good choice for you.

Reduce the Water Consumption

Minimizing the water consumption must be your top priority while planning for your bathroom renovation in an environment friendly way. It should be considered that how much water is used in your bathroom, during flushing the toilet or during shower. You can reduce your water consumption by almost 20% by switching from old traditional toilet to smaller dual-flush toilet.

Old water guzzling shower heads are the prime culprits of wasting water. Replacing them saves in water bills. Dual- flush toilets help saving the amount of green washed into the toilet. It has two flush modes, one is for number one that flushes less water compared to the number two mode. That will definitely cut down your energy bills.

Remodel with Durability

It has been found that most of the bathroom renovation does last only a few years, and most of the waste that reaches landfill sites come from home remodeling including bathroom remodeling. This kind of bathroom remodeling creates a bad impact on environment as well as on your pocket. You make ensure that your green bathroom remodeling is durable and last longer.