Renovations Gone Bad!

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It was not all that long ago that I just finished a bathroom renovation that had gone bad from the very start.

These very nice people had there basement finished by a couple of friends that used to work for GM. OK it was cheaper but what a mess!

They stopped them before they finished the bathroom, that was the best thing they ever did.

When I went to to there home in Thorold Ontario I started to poke around. They said they stopped them before they went any farther because we thought they did not know what they where doing.

They mentioned that they had put drywall up and they did not even realize where the shut off valves were. I started to take the drywall down.

Let me start by say WOW!

After removing just a couple of sheets I noticed that the bathroom was framed with that new aluminum framing. OK that is not that bad but, I always use wood for framing, especially in bathrooms.

They ran all the wires through the framing without using any grommets. They also had copper pipe running through the framing just with a little duct tape around them no grommets either.

You could see the metal was already cutting through the wires and the copper. You might say this would have been a problem in the future!

Let me start by giving you an example of what could have happened. Sean the home owner or his wife might have went and took a nice long shower. The wires that had no grommets makes a connection making the whole bathroom become live.

Then you have a copper pipe start to leak Now you got electricity and water making a connection. What do you think would happen to the person in the standing shower. Instant ground dead by electrocution.

Good thing these people decided to give me a call. They already wasted enough money so I had them buy all the materials and I just charged them the Labor of around $4,000.

The rest of the bathroom was just as bad, 0% of the insulation was installed, all the copper pipes were on the outside walls. Not to mention they where running in from of 2 vents to the outside that where not even sealed.

No insulation in the headers. The upstairs window was leaking through the wall down the side right behind the drywall they already installed.

This might be starting to sound like a little to much but it is all true. I have witnessed many times people trying get there renovations cheaper ending up only paying more in the long run.

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If you feel your renovation job has gone bad or you did not get what you payed for I would be more than willing to help.

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