Residential, Commercial, and Agricultural Water Well Drilling and Repairs

General Article

Every home and business needs to have daily access to clean, usable water. Drilling wells and repairing existing ones is increasingly common across the country. It’s a viable source of water that is affordable for most people.

The Demands for Clean, Potable Water

Satisfying clean water needs through water well drilling Salisbury NCresidents and business owners demand requires the right equipment and expertise. The well should be drilled quickly and in a manner that results in safe, potable water. The water scarcity experienced in some communities across the nation has many home and business owners looking at alternative sources like wells.

Large and Small Demand Water Wells

Wells can be drilled that are customized to suit the water demands of the customer. Pipes as small as 6-inch diameter and as large as 8-inch diameter can accommodate everything from small homes to commercial enterprises. The pump required to pull the water up will have to be adjusted to meet the water demands of each customer.

Agricultural and Irrigation Water Needs

Agricultural needs to irrigate crops and water livestock can be tremendous. It’s too expensive to have water piped in from local municipalities. Water wells and irrigation systems have to be designed and installed to meet the high water demands.

Complete Well Rehabilitations and Water Treatment

Older abandoned wells can be rehabilitated to resume use. Complete water testing, treatment, and filtering can be done to ensure you are getting the highest quality drinking water. Under-road trenching, repiping, pump repairs and replacement can all be done to ensure your water well is operating as it should. The removal of certain minerals and metals from the well water can greatly improve the odor and flavor of the water.

Drilling and refurbishing existing water wells is one way that homes and businesses are looking at saving money and ensuring they have a private source of water that is not city or county dependent. Developing greater autonomy in gathering needed resources is a smarter way to invest money.