Selecting a Basement Remodeling Contractor

General Article

Unlike the remodeling of other rooms basement remodeling or finishing poses special challenges. Therefore, you need to ensure that you retain a contractor who specializes in basement remodeling and finishing. This will ensure that the finished basement in your Connecticut home retains its value for many years. Specialist contractors use floor, wall, and ceiling tiles designed for use in basements. Anti-sag ceiling tiles, for instance, come with long warranties, that make them an ideal choice for use in basements. These are waterproof and easy to maintain.

Vital Information

A sharp and dedicated contractor will offer you a choice of designs and models that will suit the décor you have in mind. In case you want a custom carpet for your basement, the contractor will have a waterproof underlayment that will keep the basement floor dry and warm. As basements accumulate more humidity than other parts of your home, it is best to use tiles that are not made of organic material.

Local Contractor

When you are undertaking basement remodeling of your Danbury, CT, home, you should look for a local contractor with a record for reliable service. However, ensure that the contractor uses material, products, or techniques that are accepted by the industry far outside of your area. The contractor should be able to back his work and material with a written, transferable warranty. This is essential in case you sell your home in future. You should ask the contractor for local references and check the quality of the finished work. A written warranty that clearly states the extent of the contractor’s liability in case of any product failures will help you repair the damage at minimal costs.

Free Estimate

A good basement remodeling contractor in Greenwich, CT, will offer a free on-site inspection and estimate. This will help you decide on the final shape of your remodeled basement. Apart from this a good contractor specializing in basement remodeling will generate 3D images various designs to enable you to better visualize the final remodeled basement. This free service will help you to fine-tune the design of your choice so that the remodeled basement suits your needs.

Worker Insurance, Permits, Clean up Service

When retaining a contractor to remodel the basement of your Litchfield, CT, home ensure that they have worker insurance. Also, most counties require the homeowner to obtain permits for remodeling or finishing the basement. They might have special conditions such as installation of egress windows. The contractor you retain should be aware of these requirements and be willing to complete the job to suit these requirements. Also, a reliable and competent contractor will not consider the project complete unless the entire basement has been cleaned up. The contractor should leave the basement fit for immediate occupation after removing any concrete dust and wood shavings. Not only is this a prudent business move it is common decency.


When you are assessing the different basement remodeling and finishing contractors in your area, ask for referrals. One way to assess the quality of the products used as well as the workmanship of the installation is to visit homes with basements remodeled by the contractor. By looking at the finished basements and talking to the homeowners, you will be able to assess the acumen, spirit, and equity of the contractor in question.