Day 03/356…..Darkness

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Day 03/356.....Darkness

My title today reflects what a truly awful day i have had inspiration wise….. I knew i would have them… we are all going to have them, but…….. i didn’t expect it on day 3 and to feel so seriously dejected and stuck…..

The first 2 days i was quite pleased with what i had got, obviously knowing there was still vast improvement to be had but it’s a confidence boost isn’t it when we like what we do?..

Today i woke not 100% sure what i was doing, whilst little rat is home for xmas hols going out with camera is alot harder and i knew i wanted to be able to shoot indoors more with the winter months etc….. anyway after endless mugs of coffee i was thinking i’ll try still life etc and a quite a few ideas were running thru my mind……….. until i started shooting them and nothing just nothing looked right……..

Last night my determination to see this thru was way in the sky, i don’t like to give up… but i do get seriously frustrated and today i had my first doubts…. not good!

Anyway, this post is bought to you by a miserable grumpy T…

Fingers crossed a better day tommorow… or at least start jotting ideas down for days like today!…..

Its a dark one…. maybe too dark.. i like dark……..It’s not great but at least you know what time i took the shot lol

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Day 234: The Raue Centre

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Day 234: The Raue Center

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It rained just about all working day yesterday so I understood that it would be a superior working day to just take a pic downtown Crystal Lake to get all the vivid colors that you are inclined to see following a storm. The clouds were being however stirring and if you seem closely you can see that it was actually raining fairly steadily when I took this. Great matter the D300 is weather sealed hehe.

Here is a minimal bit about in which I took this photograph:

As a painstakingly restored, 1920s regional showcase theatre named for its benefactor, Lucile Raue, the Raue Centre has captivated the very best stars, Broadway shows, musicians and artists. Named on the League of Historic American Theatres, Raue Centre is 1 of the very best examples of restored art and decor in the nation. The 800-seat theatre, found in historic, downtown Crystal Lake, is a accumulating position for our region’s citizens and has become a genuine place.

Opened in 1929 as El Tovar, the creating was a welcome addition to northern Illinois as a film and vaudeville theatre to showcase the thrilling new “talkies” and the troupers who wheeled into city on tour with their backstage trunks and onstage spangles. The identify “El Tovar” was basically a title picked up by 1 of the theatre’s founders on a vacation out west. It was a glamorous identify in holding with that era’s fascination with all items exotic, and did not translate into a Spanish phrase or idiom.

What it did translate into, nonetheless, was the site of to start with kisses, relationship proposals, farewell dates ahead of shipping out, course trips and basically escaping the frustrations of a working day. It embraced the golden age of film musicals, film noir, appreciate tales, comedies, cartoon festivals and adventure serials on Saturday afternoon. Location theatre teams used the theatre for musicals and performs amongst film showings during the sixties. Home to the flicks for most of its existence, El Tovar ultimately grew to become The Lake, and then drifted into a spinsterish outdated age as the downtown Showplace. It was ending its days as a shabby art residence with a sprinkling of viewers.

The phase was turning out to be unsafe, the dressing rooms in the basement were being crumbling, the theatre’s walls were being flaking, the ceiling was leaking, but the recollections of those people who experienced beloved the theatre however imbued the air. The genteel outdated girl was about to encounter a renaissance. New existence was waiting just about the corner.

On to this scene came a peaceful, but strong concept: Lucile Raue, who experienced lived and worked most of her existence in a 4-sq. block spot in downtown Crystal Lake, experienced remaining a generous reward for the advancement of downtown Crystal Lake. An advisory team of area citizens and the executor directed a reward from the Raue Family members Estate to the Crystal Lake Civic Centre Authority. The Estate experienced … Read More