Day 03/356…..Darkness

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Day 03/356.....Darkness

My title today reflects what a truly awful day i have had inspiration wise….. I knew i would have them… we are all going to have them, but…….. i didn’t expect it on day 3 and to feel so seriously dejected and stuck…..

The first 2 days i was quite pleased with what i had got, obviously knowing there was still vast improvement to be had but it’s a confidence boost isn’t it when we like what we do?..

Today i woke not 100% sure what i was doing, whilst little rat is home for xmas hols going out with camera is alot harder and i knew i wanted to be able to shoot indoors more with the winter months etc….. anyway after endless mugs of coffee i was thinking i’ll try still life etc and a quite a few ideas were running thru my mind……….. until i started shooting them and nothing just nothing looked right……..

Last night my determination to see this thru was way in the sky, i don’t like to give up… but i do get seriously frustrated and today i had my first doubts…. not good!

Anyway, this post is bought to you by a miserable grumpy T…

Fingers crossed a better day tommorow… or at least start jotting ideas down for days like today!…..

Its a dark one…. maybe too dark.. i like dark……..It’s not great but at least you know what time i took the shot lol

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