DIY Home Renovation Series Episode 1 – Quest for a Mountain Contemporary Scandinavian Feel

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In today’s video I’ll show you a DIY renovation project that just might inspire you to get excited about renovating! Over the last month I’ve torn the home apart and …


Oakland Schools

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Oakland Schools

This 110,000 square foot store was built in 1994 as a Builders Square home improvement store. This was a replacement of a smaller Builders Square store built across the street at Oakland Pointe in 1990. The original Builders Square later became Circuit City and Media Play, it is currently Value World and Harbor Freight Tools. This Builders Square was later rebranded HQ (Home Quarters) and a section of it was used as Steve & Barry’s in the mid to late 2000s. Currently it is Oakland Schools and Elite Sportsplex.

Summit West and Summit North shopping centers were built as part of the Summit Place Mall Complex. The Summit Place Mall opened as the Pontiac Mall in 1963. In addition to the 1,500,000 square foot mall, two shopping centers were built around the mall as part of the complex.

Summit West was built first. The first part, featuring a Chatham food store was built in 1972. The second part featuring Target was built in 1987. The third part featuring Farmer Jack was built in 1989. Pace Membership Warehouse was built in 1991.

Summit North was built in 1994/1995 with Builders Square (relocated from a smaller store built in 1990 at Oakland Pointe across the street), Best Buy, and Gander Mountain.

Summit Place Mall (Pontiac Mall) – North Telegraph Road – Waterford Charter Township, Michigan

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Stores of Winnipeg | 4 | The Home Depot – home improvement supplies store

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Some of the 17,000 poultry at Seldom Rest Farms located, north of Myerstown, PA, on Wednesday, April 20, 2011. The chickens are kept in a two story chicken house and produce approximately 2.5 million chicks each year. To supplement their electrical needs, they chose a contractor who knew about United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Energy for America program (REAP) grants and helped them through the application process. The farm was awarded a $152,000 grant (25% of the cost). to install the 1001kW solar array to power their farm, a neighboring farm and homes on the local electrical grid. The 240 solar panels were ground mounted with 5-foot clearance underneath to allow sheep to graze and rest underneath protected from the rain, sun or snowfall. Ten inverters change the DC electrical energy from the panels into AC energy that goes into the local power grid. Spring statistics show it is producing more than expected. REAP offers grants and/or loan guarantees for the purchase and installation of renewable energy generating systems and for energy efficiency improvements. For additional important details about REAP, see USDA Photo by Lance Cheung.

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The Importance of Mirrors

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Mirrors are essential to every home. They help us in our daily mundane lives, though we rarely ever really appreciate their usefulness. From the moment we get up at night to the time we ready ourselves for sleep, we almost always seek for a mirror to take a look at ourselves. Mirrors reflect to us how we look, how clothes fit us, and how things fit. People always love to know how things look on and with them. It gives us the chance to appreciate and be thankful. There is something to be said about how, after a day of straining our eyes, looking at everything else in the world, we know that we could always also look at ourselves with the help of a handy mirror. Everywhere you go, there are almost always mirrors present. There are clear mirrors that reflect perfectly the image of the thing or the person in front of them, and then there are also tinted mirrors that serve as either classy decors, or as a barrier for a bit of privacy. Mirrors are part of our daily lives without us even consciously recognizing them.

During the earlier times, mirrors were only owned by the royalties and the rich people of high ranks. It was believed that they are the only ones worthy to appreciate themselves back and gaze themselves at their reflections on the mirror. The mirror symbolizes self-appreciation, or blandly called as vanity. Mirrors could reflect to us how we look and how we present ourselves. It presents us how we carry ourselves and, perhaps, how people see us. This is why people of great beauty almost always have great influence, either good or bad. Aesthetics are important to human beings. In a world where beauty is vital, and where all things beautiful are desired, mirrors gained its central place. Image has become everything nowadays. Thus, people who care for what others think of them would always have a mirror at hand, just so they are assured that they do look presentable enough for the public tastes. This is pretty evident especially with the girls these days. In the bathrooms of almost all girls, there would most definitely be a bathroom mirror cabinets and bathroom sinks and mirrors present. The emphasis on good looks and dazzling image of the society nowadays could be reflected by the importance that mirrors hold in our mundane human lives. Even in the streets, we see their importance. Shops are mostly made of mirrors these days. With their see-through glass walls, they are able to flaunt the goods they are selling-enticing and persuading the customers through visuals. The use of the glass walls is a strategic utilization of man’s desire for the mirror to reflect what exactly it is that they want. With the glass walls, the shoppers feel as if the walls reflect what ought to be their possessions. Suffice to say, mirrors hold power.

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