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Bathroom After

Complete bathroom renovation

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How to Do Simple Kitchen Improvements

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One of the more popular renovations to the home is Kitchen Improvements. People often like to revamp their kitchens. It is always a good idea to seek expert advice in order to get this kind of job done.

There is a variety of ways in which to get ideas about how to get this done. Look at people’s kitchens when you visit them, browse the Internet, buy magazines and there will be a wealth of ideas from which you can make decisions about revamping this room. Even chatting to the DIY and kitchen supply stores will give you a lot to think about.

You need to do some sums before embarking on this. You will want to work out precisely how much you need to do the job you want. There is nothing worse than running out of money half or three quarters of the way through the job. Once you have arrived at a figure then cut that by about ten percent, this way you are sure to keep within budget.

Once the budget has been sorted out, then put pen to paper and design what you want this room to look like. You could even build a small model of what you want it to look like.

The cabinets will need the most consideration, as this is probably the most costly item in renovations of this nature. If you do not have a lot of money to spend then refinishing them might be an option to consider.

Appliances for the kitchen are also very important. Functionality and style are considerations to be made. The appliances should not only look good in the kitchen, they also need to be functional and practical. Kitchen Improvements can be exciting, however you need to do your homework and ensure all your sums are correct.… Read More

Maximizing Your Corner Cabinet Space

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If you are planning on tackling a kitchen renovation project on your own, it is inevitable that you will run into a situation where you are having a hard time fitting everything that you need and want. The difficulty usually lies in the corners, where it may be difficult to maximize the utility of the base cabinets. Luckily there are a few options to help with tricky corners when you are laying out your kitchen cabinet design.

Whether you are talking about base cabinets or wall cabinets, it is really going to come down to three choices- a diagonal corner cabinet, and blind base cabinet, or leaving dead space. Your decision on which to use will usually be based on a combination of available space, overall look, and need for storage space. With that in mind, here are some pro’s and con’s for all three.

BLIND BASE CABINET- When space is not available on both walls in a corner, the blind base cabinet is the cabinet to use. The blind base cabinet is basically a two door cabinet that has one door removed. It comes with an extra thick stile in the middle to allow the cabinet to be shifted left or right to fill the space. The unique feature about a blind cabinet is that is can occupy anywhere from 42″, up to 48″ giving you versatility when laying out the kitchen. The drawback to this cabinet is the fact that you don’t have easy access to the half of the cabinet that is hidden. This can make it awkward to remove items placed back in there.

DIAGONAL CORNER CABINET- Most stock cabinet manufacturers or rta cabinet importers will have these in one or two different size base cabinets, and they will usually come with a lazy susan kit installed. In terms of available storage space, this cabinet will definitely give you the most. It gives you easy access to the space by utilizing a bi-folding cabinet door. While it is the most commonly used cabinet for a corner space, it does have it’s drawbacks. The cabinet is usually 36″ on both sides, which means that you are limited on how you can arrange the cabinets on either side of it. While is gives you access to the full space, the lazy susan unit will sometimes limit how you can use that space. Even with the drawbacks, it is still the most common corner cabinet used in kitchen design.

DEAD SPACE – If you are limited on both walls, and the blind cabinet would take up too much space, the last alternative would be to leave dead space. While losing storage space is the last thing you want to do, it is sometimes unavoidable (especially in small kitchens). When neither of the options above will work, you have to think about maximizing the space around the corner. To do this, you will be butting the edges of the cabinets from the two walls together. The tricky part comes when … Read More

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

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Smart planning made this bathroom a reality. By planning the entire project all at once and breaking it down in stages, you can properly plan for remodeling on a …

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Bathroom Remodeling

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Bathroom Remodeling

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