i could arrest you

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i could arrest you

This is the outer shell of one of Krefeld’s home improvement stores. I am wondering why they all, like Home Depot, have orange as a theme color. The story of this shot?
I was approached by an employee (after beeing stared at by customers for a while) asking me if he could help. No, I am fine, I am just taking shots of the wall nothing more, and the carts and the hinges of some doors. No, forbidden, need approval of Mr. V. O.k. I explained to Mr. V. – no big deal, no spying, just abstract images. I could go ahead. I was into it when I heard "whatyour doing there?" A customer in his top of the line Audi started shouting. I asked him who he was, somebody from the company? No, just a concerned citizen. He added: "I could arrest you for taking shots – people can arrest people if …" "a crime is happening or had just happened," I added. So, what’s the crime? He said: "Just this, taking photos, uhm, you could be preparing a theft." "Preparing," I said, "is not a crime and does not fall under the statute." I explained what I did for a living and he backed up. He isn’t like the Stasi, he said, just concerned. Now that you mentioned it, I thought.

Posted by IHP on 2008-08-10 09:46:41

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