Tamude 5th Secret – Self Discipline and Self Improvement and Tolerence

General Article

People who can self discipline themselves after achievement will have double winning results. ~ by Tamude

Tamude has taught Jewish that never succumb to obstacles and never succumb to failure but keep doing what you think is right and keep improving yourself with great tolerance of discouragement from others.

This principle has been a tradition for Jewish. Many successful Jewish has achieved great success after coming through a lot of obstacles. They never brave up and they contributed their life to what they did. They achieved their achievement with great determination.

Jewish can be recognized for their great extent of tolerance in the world. Even after so thousand years of hardship, they still can end all the difficulties and survived till now.
In our life, we always get irritated easily because of a little trouble. A lot of good things can be done but turn into failure due to our lost self self discipline. Then, we always feel regret after thing has turned into negative results to us. Tamude tells us always to self discipline and self control ourselves to face anything calmly with smiles instead of anger. We must have this positive attitude to handle difficulties in any relationship including business, family, friends, etc.

Tolerance is painful, because it suppresses our cheerful nature. Learn to be tolerant and learn to end hardships will make us not to do stupid things out of anger. We will not do anything imprudently that will make us regret the whole life. We also can learn from other people of their tolerance.

3rd October 1991 was a common day for most of the people but not Gedimo. Gedimo is a Jewish female author. This was a day she was awarded Nobel Literature Award. She was the no 7 th female author awarded for this and was the first female author in 25 years after the last female author awarded Nobel Literature Award. This Nobel Award was the results of her 40 years efforts and contributions in her writing life.

She was born in 1923. Her mother was from England and her father was a Jewish jewelry business. In 6 years old, she wanted to bea ballet dancer. In a rainy Saturday, she registered to join ballet course.

However, she was too weak for this ballet dancing. Finally, she had to give up her pursuit of ballet career due to health problem. However, she wanted to be successful in her life even in other field. Very unluckily, in her 8 years old, she had to leave the school due to health problem. She had to rest at home. She only had her book with her in her bed and she always beaten from night till morning.

One day in summer, she was feeling too lonely and she decided to go out for a walk to gain a little happiness. Suddenly, she was attracted to a small building in her town. The building was a library of her town. She was so happy as she has already finished reading her book at home. She loved books so much. From the day onwards, she made herself whole day reading in this library. Many times, she hide herself under the table when the library rang for closing of the day. When every staff left the library. She only come out from the hiding place and continue reading books without feeling tiredness.

She had great passion over literature. After reading so many books, she had a lot of inspiration in her mind. Finally, she decided to start her writing career in her 9 years old. Her first novel was published in a local newspaper when she was 15 years old. But nobody knows this was written by a 15 years old girl. In 1953, her first long novel named "the lying days" had turned out to be a surprise bomb in worldwide literature. The whole world was so impressed with her words and her expressions of her feeling in this novel. Every author in the world thread their attention to this new author.

From the day onwards, she has written over 10 long and 200 short novels. Many novels were so high quality and made her awarded many times. 1961, her novel, The Friday foot print, was awarded England Smith Awards. 1974, she was awarded again by England Literacy Awards.

Many times, her novels like stranger world, the guest, etc were recommended by world renowned Sweden literacy authority to join Nobel awards. However, many times due to some other external reasons, her novels were not awarded. She has written "Nobel awards, failure" in her books many times. But she did not give up her passion of writing. Finally she has been finally successfully awarded Nobel literature on 3rd October, 1991.

This is a great story to inspire us that we will always face a lot of hardships in our path to success. Here, we have to always face them with smiles and patience.