The #2 Idea to Triumph over Low Ceiling Heights in Your Basement Ending Project

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If you might be thinking about a basement ending job to maximize the usable square toes and price of your existing home, you may well have understood a significant problem that has you a bit worried: lower ceiling peak!

Possibly you might be apprehensive about lower ceilings through the basement. Or possibly you might be a lot more worried about beams, pipes, and vents that appear to all be in the incorrect spot.

Whichever your worry, these are the worries and limits that almost anyone faces when completing a basement ending job. Your particular scenario might be exceptional to the eyesight you have for your done job, but the various tried out-and-genuine methods for disguising lower ceiling heights are sure to rescue you.

Recently, in a different write-up we suggested seven guidelines for working with the ceiling peak predicament (look for “The Ceiling Peak Dilemma in Your Basement Ending Project and the seven Top Recommendations to Triumph over It”).

Currently, we’ll explore the second tip from that write-up: Tray Ceilings.

You may well refer to these as coffered ceilings, recessed ceilings, inverted ceilings, and so forth., but for the uses of this write-up, we’ll refer to all styles simply as tray ceilings.

A tray ceiling is an great architectural element to insert to your basement ending job if you are making an attempt to camouflage a lower ceiling, or disguise pipes or vents functioning horizontally alongside your ceiling.

A prevalent basement hindrance, you might have a drain pipe from an upstairs lavatory or kitchen area, or a trunk line (ductwork) that materials or returns air to or from the upstairs. Simply just boxing all-around this (a soffit) is the most conspicuous way to disguise it.

For a top quality basement finish, you may want a much better remedy to the challenge.

In unusual situations, you might be ready to simply transfer these mechanical features out of the way. So, if style and design and budget permit, your very best remedy is to transfer them.

Having said that, even with the very best style and design and an endless budget, you may well be not able to eliminate mechanical features from interfering with your basement ending initiatives.

If this is the case, choose a glimpse at the pipe or vent functioning down the duration of the ceiling. Is it functioning down the middle of the home, or on just one facet?

If it can be functioning down just one facet of the home, think about that a different established of pipes/vents are functioning down the reverse facet (a mirror image). Now think about a established of pipes/vents on each individual adjacent facet of the home (by now the image in your mind must be of pipes/vents functioning all-around all four sides of the home).

Now, think about this home completed with partitions, and these pipes protected by a soffit. You must be envisioning completed partitions and a completed ceiling, with a rectangular box at the leading corner of all four sides of the home. Each and every soffit must be the very same width as the other so the home achieves symmetry.

What you’ve got imagined is a tray ceiling, a amazing basement ending strategy to offer with lower ceiling peak. If pipes or vents are functioning down the middle of the home, can you imagine two equally sized tray ceilings? Be inventive and recognize there is generally a remedy!

I enjoy using this strategy to disguise pipes and vents, but its software is not constrained to that. Tray ceilings are utilised as an architectural element to draw the eye up and give the illusion of peak.

So, even in a home without the need of pipes or vents, a tray ceiling might be the great basement ending strategy to give a lower ceiling the illusion of higher peak!

Tray ceilings can eliminate substantially of the worry you might be going through over the result of your basement ending job. In long run content, we’ll explore additional guidelines and methods to improve the attractiveness and consolation of your home guidelines that can be utilised independent of, or blended with tray ceilings.

For a movie collage of this tray ceiling remedy in motion, take a look at Colorado Basement Ending T.V.

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