The Advantages of A Copper Tub

General Article

It is possible to completely change the appearance of one’s bathroom with the installation of a copper bathtub. These bathtubs have a bronze glow with a shiny surface that can make any room a stand-out feature in the home. This freestanding bathtub with unique designs allows one to enjoy a bath with complete comfort.

The main advantage of copper, in addition to being attractive, is that it is beautiful, durable, and reasonably priced. There is also the advantage, absent in many tubs, is that it does not allow bacteria to grow. In addition, it resists corrosion which means it can retain its beauty for many years.

Another advantage of the copper bathtub is that it is an excellent conductor of heat. This means that the water will stay warm much longer than an ordinary tub where one must constantly add more hot water if a long bath is desired.

In conducting research one will find a large variety of copper tubs available. There are freestanding, slipper, claw foot, double-ended, hexagon, and many other styles. Some people like the hexagon or Japanese style soak tubs as well. Today there are huge varieties to choose from making it possible to find one that will fit in perfectly with one’s needs. Other accessories, such as towel bars, hooks, faucets, and toilet paper holders can be selected that make the look of the entire space cohesive.

This type of tub can fit in beautifully if one has a special decorating scheme in mind. For example, if planning on the bathroom representing a long ago style, such as rustic, it is possible to have an excellent display using a copper tub and accessories. The entire room can be decorated around this showpiece making it represent an entirely different period of history. This is especially effective if it follows the decorating plan of the rest of the home.

Caring for a copper bathtub is different than a regular tub if one wishes to keep it looking its best. The tub ordinarily comes from the manufacturer coated with a wax. This is beeswax which keeps the color locked in and when it wears off needs to be replaced.

An application of beeswax should be done approximately once a month. After every bath the tub should be dried with a soft cloth such as flannel. Once per week the tub should also be washed with gentle soap using a soft cloth to remove any dirt or grime that may have collected during use. Harsh corrosive cleaners should be avoided as they will damage the tub’s finish.

There is no doubt that copper is beautiful and having a tub made of this material, in one’s bathroom, can make it an outstanding addition that is different and distinctive in its appearance. It is something that stands by itself in beauty and practicality.