The Garden .::HDR::.

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The Garden .::HDR::.

Stupid weather website said it would rain today.
So i thought: "ok then ill sleep like a bear and wake up late tomorrow and watch dvds at home all day long"
Now i wake up, look out the window and what do i see? The best sky to make HDR pics! And NO RAIN!
And i coulda have gonne to this island to take awesome pics (which was my original plans), and didnt cos of the STUPID WEATHER SITE.

Ill try to go out and take good pics 🙂


I need to get my hair cut.


I need to go to the tattoo store and talk to the guy there about the design for the new tattoo im going to get. WOHOO!

View On Black to lay down and relax



All my images are copyrighted.
If you intend to use any of my pictures, for any usage, you need to contact me first.
Thank you.


The Jay Bee! LOL (if you know where it is, you know what im talking about)

Almost all my photos are geotagged !!!

The shot

Standard 3 exposures HDR [-2,0,+2EV] in RAW/ISO100 at f/11 using Canon 18-55mm lens, on tripod.


Tonemapped using the detail enhancer.


-Added one layer mask of "curves" to increase the contrast.

-Added one layer mask of "hue/saturation" to decrease the color saturation.

-Sharpened using high pass sharpening (A-HAAAAAAAAA!)



All comments, criticism and tips for improvements are ( as always ) welcome.

Posted by Raffy Carvalheira on 2009-05-01 14:15:12

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